Gothenburg – Skillingaryd

I might speak alot along the lines of longing and that is since some years now i´m living in a little crap town (3000 inhabitants), a place i moved to for economical and practical reasons but dont belong in even a little bit.

My hometown

I come from Gothenburg on the Swedish westcoast, seagulls, goths, kinky clubs, secret fraterneties and a busy nightlife is my thing. I belong in a very social and urban sphere.   The reasons for why i moved here are in some cases still holding me here since moving would risk me losing what took me years to gain. As it is now i sit here in the dung, seeing the time go by and other peoples lives going on (on the web). Getting to the closest town is a whole adventure too, and the nightbus leaves for home at 2 am, clubs close at the same time (in Gothenburg i took the FIRST tram home, or wherever the case maight be, more often than not). I miss punkrockers, vampire LARPers, fetishists and people who are not wearing clothes solely to not be naked.

If i hear a snicker i will head butt you! Cafe´to the right, booze store to the left.

Style, exentrics, panache´, possabilities. The city is my element. Nighlife, meatings, music and beer. NOT pitchforks, children with webbed fingers and banjo´s (even if one could partly think so, the forks and fingers at least).

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