Bugg – The Swedish Swing Dance

Bugg is a common dance style in Sweden and is very popular on the dancefloors, when dansbands play. Bugg is a four step dance and performed at different paces (120–180 BPM). Bugg is a partner dance and follows certain basic rules, but a is essentially improvised, with the woman following the man’s lead. Acrobatic moves are not allowed. Swedish Bugg belongs to the swing dance family and closely resembles Modern Jive.

Bugg is both a very popular social dance as well as a competition dance in Sweden. It is also has the most competitors and practitioners within the Swedish Dancesport Federation.

DANS-VM 2009 – Bugg Showcase – Andreas Myrehag och Malin Myrehag

Swedish Bugg is a totally Swedish phenomenon and is also a variant of the early Lindy Hop (Jitterbug), that came to Sweden in the middle of 1940. In films from a famous dance place called Nalen in Stockholm, one can see the Swedish style of Lindy Hop (Jitterbug) in which the Swedish Bugg has its origins. This dance style was then developed to the modern style we see today, danced in dance places throughout Sweden and now beginning to spread around the globe. This style has of course various dialects and variants, but the bases are more or less equal throughout the country.

European Championship Bugg 2008 Varberg, Sweden – Showcase – Melissa and Joakim

When the dance competitions began in Sweden during the 70s, there was only one class for all participants, namely Free style. This was then in 1983 divided into two different dance styles, Social bugg and Free style. In 1984 this was changed again. A new style was created. These two new styles were then called Free style and Rock for a long period.

Later on these two styles more or less was developed toward one single Bugg style and into what one can see today. Yet with different dialects and variants throughout the country, but without the acrobatic elements. The Swedish Bugg was from now on practised with great enthusiasm by many dancers and in all ages, from all of Sweden. Today, the Swedish Bugg is one of the most popular dances in Swedish dance schools and swedish dance clubs. It can also provide a gateway into other dance styles.

Bugg Trailer

To anyone dancing Lindy Hop, Ceroc or any other Swing Dance the basic steps are really easy.

The lead steps forwards then backwards with his left foot in a pendulum motion (no stopping in the middle), he starts at 1 (beats 1+2 forward,3+4 backwards).

The follow does the oposite with her right foot.

In every other respect the techniques for leading is the same as in other Swing dances.

The dance is very open for interpretation and improvisation (most dancers have a very personal style) and the smoothness of the footwork makes it possable to dance to everything from country to Metallica.

. A special form of Swedish bug is the double bug, invented during the early eighties, when there were lots of ladies dancing, and not as many guys. Here the fellow dances with two ladies simultaneously.

Exept for the Foxtrot, Bugg is the most popular dance outside of urban areas of Sweden.

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