Intellect, emotion and spirituality

Who came up with the idea that emotion is closer to (or equal too) spirituality?

In many religions rationality and intellectualism is held in great regard ( many forms of Judaism often values intellectual endevours highly for example).

In the kabbala intellect (Ruach) is actually “closer” to spirituality than emotions (Nephesh).
It should be said though that the soul is divided a whole lot in kabbala and terms like “intellect” and “emotion” doesent nearly cover it.

Among Ceremonial Magicians it is known that you can actually “think” or “study” yourself into a trance state.

Havent you ever had such a flow of thought, often based on an “aha” experience, when you get things and see things in perspective and clearness so that it totally takes you over (possably inducing euphoria and thus taking over emotion too)leaving you in a state of almost single pointedness (Dhayana or Dharana depending on)?

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