The rape insurance affair

As always in pc Sweden ,AlexandraPascalidou , Swedish journalist (with Greek heritage so i guess that only makes her partly a prostitute???) seems to think we should be more “mature” about the whole “rape / Swedish women are asking for it” thing.

She says it was “only one paper in Chania” that spreads the idiotic “rape insurance” rumours.

Reality: If some little rag like “Ystads Allehanda” in Sweden wrote something similar about Greek women they would be nigh but hanged.

Also, it is not just some Greek guy expressing his opinions, it was an embassy official.

To call a whole ethnic group whores is not part of a debate and i will not respond to it as such.

Vassilios Bakalis is not a man!

Ps: This is NOT an attack on normal, intelligent Greeks!

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