Lindy Hop and “the feel”

CAN you really get the right “feel” while dancing the Lindy Hop if you always dance to non swing music (that works with the steps, like Boogie and 50´s Rock, but still)?

For some reason my instructor insists on playing music i dont even associate with the right era or attitude (Lindy was “gone” around 1945 before being resurected in the 80´s.).

He also teaches Ballroom and should be aware of the importance of character in a dance.

I LOVE Rockabilly and the 50´s but see it as another thing, an extension to Lindy.

The steps might have similarities in different Swing Dances and music might have similar syncopations or blue notes but THEY ARE different.

I should make him dance a Charleston to Ragtime to prove a point or Viennese Waltz to Scottish Jigg.

I have danced Lindy to Punk and it works (Jig Kicks) but Jazz will always go with Charleston and Swing with Lindy to me. Benny Goodman makes me think Lindy, Elvis Presley makes me think Boogie Woogie (the dance) and i´m pretty sure most would agree with me.

It MUST affect the dance to play a music unassociated to it.


2 thoughts on “Lindy Hop and “the feel”

  1. Claudia Petrilli says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you! It all boils down to musicality. That’s my biggest beef with American Dance shows (Ballroom people tend to do this a lot as well). They will do a given footwork to any song and call it Rumba, or Salsa, or whatever. What makes a dance is not solely the footwork. Doing Salsa footwork to a Hip Hop song it’s not Salsa, for example. It is just wrong. But that happens -methinks, because people didn’t grow up with the dance and haven’t internalized it as such.

    Same thing with Lindy Hop. Sure one can lindyhop to all sorts of music -thus the well known practice of “lindybombing” bars and clubs. But to me, Lindy Hop only feels like Lindy Hop when it is done to Swing music. The aesthetics of it is different.

  2. Then i guess we are Lindy suicide bombers since we Lindy Bomb our own class. *Luaghs internally and mentally pats myself on the back*

    I like playing and experimenting but when the main music becomes something else than what normally goes with the dance…..perhaps an interesting syncretism but i want Lindy Hop,to swing…..and if possable in vintage clothes (a Limo from the 40´s would hurt either). 😉

    Thanks for the answer!
    I appriciate it!

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