Museu(M)use: Am I the only one disgusted right now?


All of this “f-yeah America is the best” and people actually singing “We are Champions” is awful. I would have preferred Osama Bin Laden be brought before an international court to be tried for his crimes, but I can see why that wasn’t necessarily plausible. But I will never, ever celebrate or condone the celebration of the loss of a human life, no matter how that person lived.

There is more to the world than “we are the good guys and the bad guy is dead now.” And the real good guys do not take glory in eliminating the bad guys. In fact, I think they hate having to do it, and that is what MAKES them the good guys

There is one guy selling T-shirts saying “Usama Bin Shot”.

The proceeds go the the famelies of  the 9/11 victims….as if that was an excuse.

Maybe he should make a Lincoln version and give the money to the Native American Nations?

There was a survay made in Europe where people where asked to name the ten greatest threats to civilization.


#1 was the muslim / Arab world.

#2 was the U.S.A.

In short: Good job getting rid of a dangerous person!

To bad you couldnt react to it with honour and in a way that let the rest of us breath out.

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