Sting & Edin Karamazov (Lute) – John Dowland – Come Again

Come again,

sweet love doth now invite,

thy graces that refrain

to do me due delight.

To see, to hear,

to touch, to kiss,

to die with thee again

in sweetest sympathy

Come again,

that I may cease to mourn

through thy unkind disdain

for now left and forlorn.

I sit, I sigh,

I weep, I faint,

I die, in deadly pain

and endless misery

Gentle love,

draw forth thy wounding dart:

Thou canst not pierce her heart;

For I that do approve.

By sighs an d tears

more hot than are

thy shafts, did tempt while she

for scanty tryumphs laughs

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