It´s funny how after a long enough time you get used to, almost comfortable, with a life you hate.

Or should i say lack of life.

Not only do i not go after my ambitions, my dreams, i dont even go after a normal life.

I have no friends outside my family.

I have no social network whatsoever.

No sex life, no love life.

This has never happened to me before in my adult life.

These are exactly the the things i have prided myself in getting easily.

Maybe, since a bit over a decade ago, i have learnt that it´s all a lottery anyway.

Why strive for ones dreams when even the most normal things are nigh impossable to get?

Being good, skilled or having knowledge have as far as my experience goes nothing to do with it.

I live the life of a coward, safe, responsable, staying where i have money, a good home, but not what makes me live.


2 thoughts on “Passive

  1. Anton says:

    Vem som helst kan vara god på landet. Det finns ju inga frestelser där. / Oscar Wild

  2. Precis!
    Det är är väl exakt det jag inte vill råka ut för. 😉

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