The “Forn Sed” Blog

A very big part of the “Forn Sed ” blog is to by spreading historically correct information counteract all the viking idiocy that still festers in the modern mind:

  • Racist “aryan” poppycock.
  • Heavy Metal EEEEEAVIL vikings.
  • The “My ancestors where Klingons” complex (lame “neo-vikings”, what i call “vikingry”).
  • The belief that all Norse people worked as “vikings”.
  • The belief that “viking” is my (or other nordic peoples) ethnicity.
  • All Christianity influenced / modern ethnocentric interpretation of Heathenry.
  • The belief that all Asatruar / heathens dislike Christians (or Jews or Mulims).
  • The idea that all heathens do, or ever did historically, share opinions or methods.
  • The idea that there are no gay or transgendered heathens.
  • The idea that vikings where more fierce, braver, more savage or in other ways different than other mediaval Europeans.
  • The stupid and OH so incorrect idea that vikings or any other Germanic people kept to themselves trying to “preserve” something.
  • The naive idea that heathens take their mythology litterally.

and much, much more.

Norse history and culture (and most who read this will have Germanic heritage, even many African / Americans, and you read it in a Germanic language) is far too interesting to be made into fairy tales or hijacked by retards.

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