Same, same…but different

If one discusses politics one expects a communist and a conservative to have different opinions ,built on different ideologies.

Yet when people discuss religion, even those that consider themselves tolerant and learned, they do so as if the ontology and ethics of their religion applied to everybody elses.

The worst vice of your religion might be the highest virtue of mine. Hence “different”.

I might commit a something ,something i dont even regard as existing and thus cause something horrible that in my view doesent exist either by doing something horrible and immoral that i have a thousand good arguments in favor of, since in MY ontology it is a virtue (or neutral).

A materialist doesent mind if you curse him since in his mind there is no such thing as curses (though he might find the motive for doing so unethical).

A heathen can never commit an act of “evil” since there is no such concept in his world view.

A Thelemite can not commit a “sin” as long as he acts acording to his nature.

Besides, there ARE amoral religions, with no moral code attached to them.

My religion contains no faith, some religions has no God(s), some even doubt the existance of the universe / an objective reality. To some the universe / objective reality is based on two principles, to others on one (including materialism), to some there are two principles in oposition, to others there are two priciples complementing eachother.

Philosophy, religion and intelligence in any way, shape or form does not deal in reality but in realities….plural.

If you look at somebody elses religion, philosophy or culture from your own, that is exactly all that you are studying….your own.


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