Nour Al-Refai – Comedian / actress

Nour Al-Refai. Swedish comedian

Extremly good looking and charming.....and most likely a wee bit insane. Let´s just say she doesent censor herself.

Comedian / actress Nour Al-Refai. 20 years old she was born in Lebanon and is half Syrian half Lebanese. She grew up in the city of Lund in southern Sweden. Her humour has gotten her in trouble with the law....IN SWEDEN (that is worth anyones respect). She has been in several movies, including a "Wallander" movie. As far as i know she is now in the Swedish version of "Grease".

Photo: Fredrik Sandberg Scanpix published in DN.

One thought on “Nour Al-Refai – Comedian / actress

  1. Nancy Roe says:

    I love this woman! How can i contact her?

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