How come that wherever there are two enlightened, loving, tolerant and wise people, there is also a conflict?

I am seriously contemplating calling what i do something else in order to not be associated with anyone else = not be required to explain or defend everything i think or do, nor being affected by any idiocy said or done in a name plastered on me.

I could leave others to the “I´m more realer than you are realer” fight.

After all, i dont call what i do anything to myself.

Simply saying Svensk Hedendom (Swedish Heathenry) instead of heathenry or Asatru would still describe it in an understandable way. However, i would probably be acused of claiming to be more “Swedish” in my heathenry than other Swedish heathens (not my goal. Not true either, there is no typical “Swedish” form of heathenry).

I could call the Western Mysteries something like Contemporary Theurgy or Post Golden Dawnian Ceremonial Mysticism.

Ahhh, what the hell, i´ll just call the whole thing Baboombaah!


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