Facebook integrity???

I posted this on facebook:

“We all have at least 60 friends on Facebook; but when it comes to needing someone to talk to, how many would actually be there for you? I can guarantee not even 1 of your Facebook friends will copy this status. If you would be there for me, set this as your status & see how many of us would be there… for you! (I just did for 1 of my friends) Let’s try it out & see. Prove me wrong friend :-)”

What i got back was 10 different excuses with how they would always be there for me (blah, blah, blah. The post  was hypothetical) but wouldnt repost.

Me, when i saw it, just went ahead and re posted it.

Then again, to me facebook is just facebook.

Is there such a thing as facebook integrity???

The same people that wants to tell me about their cucumbers in farmville???

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