Acting – The Coward Within

All artforms have both techniques and artistic expression.

Internal and external.

Dancing: Either you do a technique or you dont. Singing: Either you hit a note or you dont. Acting: So intangiable. So much is internal.

Especially if you prefer the Strasberg or Meisner way of doing things as i do.

How do i know what i did wasnt crap?

Will someone with my limited experience even be let in on auditions?

If a dance recital is done splendidly by someone with little or no formal training (as in prestigous schools) it will be admired.

For an actor?

You cant really measure anything, claim anything.

If i hit a note, nobody can deny it.

This is the only thing intimidating me.

The only thing holding me back.

I can always dance over and over until i get it right, having people checking me but acting is so subjective.

Yet, it is what i love and not getting a role because someone else was considered more right is fine. Part of the game.

That is not my fear.

In a sense it´s not being judged i fear, it´s NOT being judged…..not really.

I have gotten used to rather procrastinate, dreaming, than fail.

Funny enough, that does not apply to dancing.


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