As i bumped in to a couple of friends from Gothenburg it got all too clear too me how i am now a stranger even to that life.

I am between lives!

I dont belong or feel at home here and i feel totally cut off from where i was and what i was too.

It´s like i´m tainted by where i live.

Like it has rubbed off.

I believe that you DO get affected by your environment, though that can be for good too (good and bad often being quite subjective ).

Even at my worst i felt MORE then than i do now. I mattered. I wouldnt be missed, ignored or forgotten.

None of the main ingredients to my life are present now so am i really alive or is this place my tomb?

Btw, i have spent all nights, hour after hour playing Sherwood Dungeon and Rune Scape and it´s easy to feel how unsound it is.

In the absence of a real life i´ll have to take what i get.

They say “you can never go back” and i do believe that it is so.


2 thoughts on “Stranger

  1. Anton says:

    Kanske detta kan lyfta din spirit lite… lr har du redan postade de här? Kvinlig tartan:—Skirts/cid,118751260,index.php
    bara lite hett… å lägg till korsetter å det bli ännu farligare:,118751732,index.php
    Som i detta goda exempel:–Light-Grey/pid,15693,cid,118751732,product.php
    Ha’re bra!

    • Ja, vad hade “Schoolgirl” fetishen varit utan Skottarna?
      Billie kilts var väldigt snyggt.
      Jag uppskattar väldigt att deras definition av “knee high” är “I närheten av ljumskarna. 😉

      Hoppas du har det gött på slätten!

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