Roger Pontare – Defender of the indigenous

Roger Pontare is a famous (northern) Swedish artist with a Shaman / Animist bent.

He is known for taking an interest in indigenous peoples rights ( his interest for the Samer peoples, Native Americans, First Nations and so on , is hard to miss)

He actually dresses more or less like this all the time and is known for his mohawkish hairstyle.

Being from Laplandia he is close to conflicts between the Swedes and the Samer and the oppression of the Samer culture through time.

Roger Pontare – When Spirits Are Calling My Name

Hammerfall – När vindarna viskar mitt namn

The same song in the original Swedish in a rendition by metal band Hammerfall……with a special guest star.

The Swedish lyrics are more forceful. Direct translation of the title is “Where the winds are wispering my name”.

“So give me my strength, power to defend my lands, give me a path to walk, i can see the axe in the warriors hand.

Chorus: Do you wish for me to turn around, to fight for who i am?
I will never betray my lands, where the winds are wispering my name.”


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