Masonic Quibble

For as much as i defend Continental Freemasonry and call all claims of being more “real” by UGLE affiliated bodies historical poppycok, i do NOT defend pretend, bogus, make belief organizations.

With no charter, often without members (anyone can place an emblem on a web page and create a badly written history of the founding of the order).

Without any demands at all they will gladly give out any title just to have any actual members of flesh and blood (i have been asked to form a lodge without any questions).

I wonder why this problem doesent seem to exist within Odd Fellowship, despite there being a lot of Odd Fellows (of different orders) around?

Sigillum Ordo Masonica Anticus Sapiente. Lodge No 123 - Skillingaryd, Sweden

The name of Ordo Masonica Anticus Sapiente includes the first letters of “MASO (N), the missing “N” standing for “Nomen” or your own name. A mystery in itself presented by our founder Garibaldi
as “the mystery of the inner lodge”.

In 1891 a charter was given by Guiseppe Garibaldi to John Yarker, authorizing him to rework parts of the Ancient and Primitive Rte of Memphis – Misraim and fuse it with the Swedenborgian Rite.

Having fullfilled this Yarker founded the Grand Lodge of Rites (GLR) in London, working this system.

in 1904 a lodge , No 2 Libertas et Labor was founded in Liverpool and No 3 Cymry was formed the following year in Cardiff.

The lodge No 123 Hjulet in Skillingaryd, with i am heading as WM was founded in the year 1956 by Johan Stenhövd having been chartered by the GLR and is recognized by the whole OMAS as well as most other forms of masonry.


I sometimes wonder if the web hasent contributed with more disinformation than information.

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