Herräng, “innocence” lost???

This is probably the best blog I’ve read on Herräng and Lindy Hop (it is in Swedish though)!

It reflects on the very things I have buzzing in my head right now.

I felt like a beginner on Herräng despite years of dancing.
I wonder if Lindy culture may look so different in different places that you almost do not recognize it when, you´re  on Exchange (witch was probably the point of having exchanges at the beginning)?

My teacher has probably focused on the “wrong” things in some cases and teaches more than Lindy ( like International Ballroom Dancing) and I can sometimes feel that his style feels a bit like “bugg (a Swedish swing dance) with eight counts”.

When I get blocked creatively (as a lead), it’s not swing outs, but place changes (in different versions) I will repeat until something new pops up in my head.

I try to “be honest” by comparing my dance with those that have danced for a few months. In fact, I have been dancing Lindy for three years (every week) and where I live I do both brake-aways with Jazz steps, Aerials and more.

If you do a brake-away followed by a  boogie back and Shortie George on Herräng you get either a happy laugh (“How wild and crazy he is”) or a look like “what the f *ck is he doing?”

I have never had low self-esteem when it comes to girls and I have never  hesitated to dance in public, but in Herräng I got  the feeling that i didnt dance “real” Lindy (something the original dancers would had wondered over (Flappers, Swing Kids,Manning, Mintz and Miller where the  hip hopers, street dancers,punks and goths of those days, not their times ballroom dancers).

It feels good though that others  reflects on Herräng besides myself.
I feel more sad than excited if truth be told.


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