The impossability of”Free will” and the bovine herd revisited (or report from moo moo land)

I am a Thelemite and an individualist, almost at the verge of Individualistic Anarchy, yet i´m not sure if i really belive in free will.

Today i was called (phoned) by a person that said (though half in gest…..i hope) that the sole purpose was to wake me up.

“The weather is nice, there are beautiful girls outside” (still looking).

In her world there is a right time to be awake, for some reason conected to the light of our nearest star and our orbit around it.

In my world there is also a right time to sleep and to be awake, and that is my choice. My personal volition.

I am the star.

I am not a 19:th century farmer and thus the right time for the less rewarding waking time is not ruled by access to sunlight (a rather relative term in Scandinavia anyway).

In this case i´m not even angry about it but simply make the philosophical reflection that people choose nada, squat, zilch, nothing.

Human nature differs little from bovine nature.

The herd is simply too big for anything to grow out of it in individuation.

We live to graze, poop, and then re graze again as the poop has gone full circle to grass again.

Then we die, having accomplished…..chewing.

The human life span is too short, the circumstances too set and the herd to big for anything of concequence to ever be produced or acomplished exept by pure accidental leaps (which usually spook the herd if they get too consequental).

Any sign of progress is smothered, in all well meaning, by those that can not acomplish themselves (wether or not they have other gifts of equal worth, smothered by other herd members).

We pretend to, but dont REALLY want to see others succeed (especially those close to us, i mean…..what would happen to us???)

We pretend to like others for who they are but REALLY like them because they are clones of us.

Society, religion, morals, common decency (common = vulgaris – Lat ), all are put in place to keep us grazing.

The only attempts to individuation that are at all sanctioned are when they are a part of a group… other words NOT individualism.

Punks, goths, skinheads, hippes and so on might seem alternative to the mainstream milk producer, but in actuality, does ANYONE wear a uniform more than they do???

The same goes for alternative religions, philosophies, ideologies, but the uniform there is mental.

Well now, since i´m awake i might as well make myself a cup of coffee.



3 thoughts on “The impossability of”Free will” and the bovine herd revisited (or report from moo moo land)

  1. Free will. What does that mean? Choices? We make them all the time. The cow makes them. Eat or not eat. Poop now or run to the can. We run. The cow is fifty fifty. If we look at life through the rear view mirror than we have no free will. If we look into the future there is nothing ahead of us but possibility. Its the now that handcuffs us. And you can’t step into the same river twice.

    • The concepts of Fatalism, Determernism, Fre Will, social Inheritence, Genetics, Culture and Sociology are a bit more complex than that.

      And a cow doesent choose to eat.
      It eats because it´s hungry.

  2. If we can honestly say that our history and origin doesent affect us at all (including econimical, cultural, emotional, academic and physical circumstasnses), then yesterday is no problem.

    If we can say that the same circumstances + humanity / society doesent affect us, then the now is no problem either.

    Tomorrow too is affected by all of this since today is the yesterday of tomorrow and we are the sum of our experiences.

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