I had a kind of “up” day.

Even going to the dentist felt ok.

Now it´s dark again and i´m reminded that i am here and everybody else is …somewhere else.

Even God avoids Skillingaryd.

If that is bacause of his cowardice or some speck of good taste i dont know (even God finds the Bible belt…icky)?

Usually the night is “my” time (nocturnal simply sounds cool).

There was a time when clubbing was as part of the routine as eating and strange underwear turned up in drawers on occation.

No wonder i´m religous, i gotta talk to someone i guess (though the Christian God handles his beer poorly and has a lot of issues, including a need for anger management).

I´ll just reminicse about the “glory days” and secretly luagh at those still waiting for a “future” to suddenly turn up.


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