I guess it´s a bit like with love.

One can think one misses a person but what one feels for is really the IDEA of love.

Maybe this applies equally well to friendship, a friend, a group of friends or a sphere in wich one was active.

Sentimentality, nothing more.

Recent events has made me aware that i really DONT miss Gothenburg, the LARP or it´s ….inhabitants.

I have long since understood that LARPing together, even for years doesent make one friends.

My life is ahead, not behind and honestly, i can afford to travel.

Goth clubs, LARPs or shops are not unique to Gothenburg, besides, if i move to Jönköping a train or bus only takes two hours to access the crap should i want to.

Everybody doesent have to like me. I sure dont like everybody.

Everybody dont have to respect me either. I definetly dont respect everyone.

Everyone has to SHOW me respect however.

And i will do the same.


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