Facebook – “Friends” list or a list of faces?

There are two groups of people who ever interact with me in any way whatsoever on Facebook. 

People i know from the web that happens to share interests, religion or taste with me, but that i have never, and in most cases never will meet.

People who play Viking Clan or some similar game.

The way i see it, if you have partied with, had fun with, ate with, had romantic relationships with or lived with people for years and they no longer find it interesting to even say “hi” in five years, those relationships are over.

You no longer know eachother.

Let me see ….last time a had a phone call by a non family member was……never.

Last time i had a private e mail was….perhaps a year ago.

Last sms….something along those lines too.

I´m just not interesting enough.

As soon as i´m out of sight i´m forgotten.

Hey, if people dont want to be with me they dont have to. I can always buy new ones.

But they shouldnt give off the impression of still knowing, or wanting to know me either. Life moves on, i get it.

some seven years of intence “hanging” is no guarantee that they should continue to have an interest in me.

Neither should they flock around me when i´m no longer alone ( = lives in a place with people ).

They should call it “Followers” like Twitter does.

Just more honest.


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