How to be a successfull Atheist

  • Pretend that the term “religion” actually means something from an anthropological view.
  • Mix science, ontology, epistemology and metaphysics in a jumble in your arguments.
  • Pretend that atheism is somehow connected with science.
  • Pretend that theism always has even a remote likeness from case to case, and that theists usually have an Abrahamic view of deity.
  • Make no distinction between theist, nontheist, suitheist or other views on Deity, or solipsist, acosmic,realist, idealist, empirist, rationalist or other ideas.
  • Pretend that atheism is a form of “knowledge” as opposed to a belief / conviction.
  • Try to convert everyone to the “true” belief.
  • Pretend that all theists take their mythology literally.
  • Pretend that all theists belive in an “alternative” to scientific explanations and evolution.
  • Just go on and on and on having a theological discussion mixed with a scientific one, disregarding ontologies and metaphysical distinctions.
  • Fundamentalism is “them”, common sense is “us”.
  • Proselytize, proselytize,proselytize.

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