Error of my ways

I have read up on blog scraping, copyrights and so on.

My blogs are infringing on several peoples copyrights and i have the idea of separating out the posts written exlusively by me, possably write my own posts inspired by some of the ones i have posted but not written and make a blog with only my own material or material for wich i have permission.

I guess i have gone by a childish “everybody does it” argument when posting, excusing myself with the fact that i link, often in several places in one post, and state the author / photographer, usually at the top so it wont get missed by the reader.

I am not really a “web person” and my exposure to internet in a social meaning is through forums, Facebook, Tumblr and other “Share button” societies. This seems to have lead me to a naive belief that there is a form of flattery in re posting to some people (and in one case, one of my most popular posts, a photographer actually expressed such sentiments).

I am led by a passion for authentic information on certain topics but dont really see myself as an “author”.

In short, if i see some poppycock about Scandinavian culture during the early middle ages i might want to post something to clarify things ( according to relevant expertise, academic sources and so on as they stand now  ).

The way i have seen it is that what is important (to me) is that the information is out, not that i wrote it (if i prided myself in my writing things might have been different).

Many things on this blog could be done without material from any other sources. Other blogs of mine however are so dependent on pictures of a kind i for natural reasons dont have ownership of that i would have to simply delete the whole blogs (pity since they have many readers, by my standards that is ).

An article like “How did viking age people really look” just wouldnt work without pictures (perhaps i could link to pages with pictures). The same goes for archeological finds where museums and so on owns the pictures.

Never the less.

I cant very well be writing articles on “ethics” and illustrate them with stolen pictures.

Mea culpa!


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