Occult Ego

Howcome many bloggers (often “occult” and even more often “Thelemic”) have a need to state clearly that they dont care what others think and that those who dont like it are welcome to go somewhere else?

I KNOW i dont have to read what you write!

If i think you´re an ignorant “tard” i will either tell you so….or not, at my own discretion.

And while mentioning your Order memberships and years of practice, did it ever occur to you that someone (like me) might have practiced since you where five and has been a member of Orders not even generally known outside of Europe (my way of saying “I´m not impressed”)?

Write your stuff.

Like with all geekery, only fellow geeks are impressed. I move (as instructed) to the next blog….since you are …silly.

93 93/93


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