Scepticon IV Talk (Greta Christina)


As a “theist” (in lack of a better term) who happens to agree with that “You can be good without God(s)” i still cant help feeling that a lot of this anger is more applicable to American society and Abrahamic religion.

Living in Sweden is a lot more of a secular environment.
We dont have the same “religous right” influncing everything.
In fact i would bet that most Swedes couldnt care less about what their neighbour belive.

My “religion” (again, terms) has little to do with faith (it is orthoprax), nothing to do with proselytazion and does not (generally) see atheism as less valid, moral or any other such poppycock.

I see my mythology as mythology, NOT history.
I do NOT think that my religion has a place in politics, courts, education, medicine or any other secular instance.

As a matter of fact i am often angry about the exact same things as the ones described here ( as a matter of fact, i agree with every statement here, and i´m still a polytheist).

My problem is that to me it feels like the same invasion whether it is a Christian or an Atheist trying to “save” me.

I´m leaving other people alone to believe as they do (and consider their beliefs equally “valid” to mine ) and have no interest in “saving” them (since i dont think they need saving).

Is it ok if i have my customs and beliefs in my privacy?

A very good talk though!
She is articulate, charming, funny and fair!


However….considering Nazi death camps and Communist millions of dead we should probably abandon politics and ideology as well (continuing the logic).

3 thoughts on “Scepticon IV Talk (Greta Christina)

  1. Gideon Jagged says:

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    Atheism versus Theism? Here’s the third option.

  2. James says:

    Interesting viewpoint. I too am a theist, who agreed with much of what this woman had to say. I think that the quote, “new atheist movement” has a lot more in common with young evangelicals than most people think.


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