The Authorative Idiot

You have probably met him (it is often, not always, a “him”).

The little nitwit with a tie and a title that for some mysterious reason thinks he can teach you something about a subject you obviously know a thousand times more about.

The retard with a title.

I am very aware of what i know.

Iam also very aware of the fact that there is a lot i dont know diddley squat about.

I would never correct anyone on how to repair a car or the rules of hockey.

This kind of person, however, is not REALLY the kind who brings society forward.

He is the kind who upholds it.

The one with the traditions and / or ideals, values, titles.

The CEO, the helper, the boss, in short, the accepted one.

He will never cause a paradigm shift.

I was just in a discussion with one of those tie bearers on operatic singing.

He obviously knows nothing about it, i do…..but he wears a tie so empirical proof means nothing.

He continues to try to convince me that singing in a local church choir is a valid substitution for training as a leggiero tenor (which he doesent even know what it is).

There is formal education / training and informal such, this type of guy usually does not have either or even more usually has formal training but in something completely unrelated and somehow thinks his knowledge “spills over” into everything else.

Physicists discussing theology are an example of this. Then again, so are priests discussing sociology (if they dont happen to have knowledge in those fields too ).

I explained how the vocal chords and the larynx works, i explained the artistic differences…..i explained and i explained but… all driven by faith (religous or otherwise) he simply comes back to the same conclusions regardless of presented facts.

Ignorance combined with a title or some similar authority works.

Why mess with it?

I even gave him an example of this put in practice from my own professional life.

I worked as a bartender in Ireland in the 90´s but was replaced (picked out of the bar ) and an 18 year old (Irish….surprise,surprise) boy became bar chief (and thus my “boss”).

This person, being the bar chief AND Irish had to ask me how to make an Irish Coffee (something any Swede could make).

What made him superiour to me was something magical and undefinable, yet to be explained by science called “experience”.

In the restourant business they have this “experience” that seems to be enhanced by big boobs, the right nationality and a few other traits.

It is obviously inert, probably genetic.

It is NOT what normal people call experience since that cant be acquired by doing something you dont know how to do.

“He doesent know any medicine and hasnt studied brain surgery….but he has a lot of experience of performing brain surgery”

In short, i learnt  what wines weant with what and what grapes they where made of, i learnt everything about spirits and destillation, hundreds of beers from all over the world, a couple of hundred cocktails by heart and so on….but….i didnt have “experience”.

That was when i learned that knowledge and skills are meaningless.

When i discuss with a retard of the right ilk i get that confirmed.

If someone has a formal education / training in something that usually means he / she has more knowledge / skill in that subject.

It is however not NECESSARILY so.

Just like an amateur can be better at something than a professional, a person with informal education can know more than one with formal.

But a real academic would go by arguments. He or she would look at your thesis and if you are right you are right (“right” being a very relative term here).

The authorative idiot however is driven by ego and agenda.

He has his programme and like a religous person will stick to it regardless of proof or evidence.

Who gets hurt or crushed, or what dreams or futures (including by extension his own) gets dragged through the mud doesent matter.

He wears a tie.


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