Ananael (The Secrets of Wisdom)

King and Man – But Mostly Man

One thing that makes the Golden Dawn great, in my opinion, is their humble origins.  The founders of the Tradition in the late 1800s existed in an environment of secret societies with pretentious mythical origin stories – claiming direct lineage to ancient cults and guilds in Greece, Egypt, Chaldea and elsewhere.  In truth, none of them had such connections – not even the Masons!  Yet, if you wanted your secret society to be taken seriously, you had better find a way to establish some kind of connection to powerful mystical figures and groups from the past.  This is really no different than the authors of the grimoires who found it necessary to sign names such as King Solomon, Enoch, Moses and even various Archangels to their own work.  Or the authors of the Biblical books who wanted us to believe that Moses, Enoch…

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