Magic of the Ordinary

These are notes from an old course we ran nearly 15 years ago now and were part of a sequence we did which included the notes on boundaries, posted not long back. You really should read them too. Not much editing has been done, so if you have any problems I suggest you find a TARDIS, a DeLorean or the original Time Tunnel and discuss it with a much younger Peregrin 🙂 Seriously, this is an important topic and I plan at some stage to re-write these notes to include glamour and the Internet, which is essentially a Yesod based method of interaction and therefore open to all sorts of distortions. The notes hear may help explain why some folk continue to show allegiance and support to leaders who are obvious…well a bit dodgy. The use of the word ‘charisma’ refers to a lower or debased ‘power’ not the higher…

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