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New article with kind of rare parts of interviews with Meryl Streep about acting on the Goldenglobes blog:


I  spent  a  long  time  thinking  acting  wasn’t  worthwhile, that  it  was  frivolous  and  not  worth  anything  to  the  world at  large.  When  I  went  to  drama  school  I  thought  it  was silly — speaking  someone  else’s  words,  imitating  behavior, feeling  other’s  emotions.  I’m an  intelligent  parrot,  that’s what  I am. It was very easy to  dismiss  this  great  art  form.

I don’t  feel  this  way  anymore.  We  are  defined  and  remembered,  as  a  civilization,  by  the  arts.  I was  once  invited  to a dinner  on  the  arts  in Washington  D.C., and Nixon’s  chief  of  staff, Alexander Haig–an  unlikely  choice for  a  speaker–got  up  and  said, “Nobody  remembers  the armies  that  anybody  had  raised  or  the  bridges  or  railways they built. Times are remembered for  their  artists.” I believe that,  too.

I have been  accused  of  being  a …

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