Morning Talk With Anisette

As always i stayed up rather late (or until early to be more precise).

Life here is simply so boring that it pays off more to be awake at night (daytime tv is almost painful).

So when Anisette called at 10 am i was quite an irritated caffeinist.

However we had a long talk covering both Burundi (his native country), cultural differences even within a country (comparing Småland to Gothenburg and so on) and i managed to get some coffee into me.

Anyway, i´m mainly writing to try out this “quick post” function where you dont have to go beyond the “Home” to post.

I have sometimes wondered if short comments might be a “thing” rather than posting on the usual social media.

After all, a blog feels more “mine” than posting on Facebook or any similar place.

Back to my coffee….

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