Ankhafnakhonsu Esoterica

In my conversations with various practitioners in recent weeks the subject of initiation has come up on a regular basis. From magickal groups that are actively organizing graded material, covens of witches, lodges of Freemasons to solitary eclectic students of occultism this subject is one that touches on all, or almost all of the different systems of spiritual attainment. Yet in spite of its near universality across disciplines it remains one of the most controversial and often misunderstood concepts of occult practices.

Part of the reason for this is because in many disciplines the meaning of initiation is not clear. The O.E.D. defines initiation as the action of beginning, entering upon, or ‘starting’ something; the fact of being begun; beginning, commencement, originating. It also ascribes the definition of Formal introduction by preliminary instruction or initial ceremony into some position, office, or society, or to knowledge of or participation in…

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