Martin Short As Sebastian Ballentine ( Law & Order: Special Victims Unit )

Incredible! What an actor!
I´m used to see Martin Short as “the funny guy” but here he plays a rather disgusting murderer / rapist / psychic charlatan who kills virgins.
I love how i can see that it is he (the actor) and yet….very convincing performance.


Martin Short is an actor who played Sebastian Ballentine in the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit season six episode “Pure”.

Martin Hayter ShortCM (born March 26, 1950) is a Canadian-American actor, comedian, writer, singer and producer. He is best known for his comedy work, particularly on the TV programs SCTV and Saturday Night Live. He starred in such comedic films as Three AmigosInnerspacePure LuckJungle 2 JungleMars Attacks!Father of the Bride and Father of the Bride Part II and created the characters of Jiminy Glick and Ed Grimley.


The Way I Am Used To See Him:

Short is no newcomer to dramatic roles but i´m more used to see him as wedding planers with accents that make you want to kill him , a little guy with a big sombero and other comedy roles so Sebastian was like a bucket of cold water, an artistic bitch slap proving what an actor he is. I actually looked at the credits to make SURE it was actually him despite recognizing him.


Jiminy Glick

Ed Grimley

Three Amigos




Divine i Skillingaryd


Divine at Stockholm Water Prize 2007


They actually visited Skillingaryd, the little burg in wich i live.

Best evening here so far (and they hug a lot 😉   ).

I was there dressed in kilt and all.

A magical evening with some real impressions.

Otherwise impressions are rare here exept for the smell of cow dung.

The Celeb Cult

There are those who love to dance.

They cant stop thinking of dancing.

There are those who want to sing.

They cant stop thinking of singing.

There are those who love to act.

They cant stop thinking of acting.

There are those who want to paint.

They cant stop thinking of painting.

And there are those who want to be famous.

They cant stop thinking about people thinking about them.


i havent put much on this blog under the category “vintage” since that would be pretty much the whole blog.

i kind of wonder if i should´nt have though, to attract the “right” crowd (or rather their attention).

more or less everything on the blog ranges from the 1700´s to 1980´s and includes highland wear, punk, flappers, swing, victorian and edwardian clothes.


Nour Al-Refai – Comedian / actress

Nour Al-Refai. Swedish comedian

Extremly good looking and charming.....and most likely a wee bit insane. Let´s just say she doesent censor herself.

Comedian / actress Nour Al-Refai. 20 years old she was born in Lebanon and is half Syrian half Lebanese. She grew up in the city of Lund in southern Sweden. Her humour has gotten her in trouble with the law....IN SWEDEN (that is worth anyones respect). She has been in several movies, including a "Wallander" movie. As far as i know she is now in the Swedish version of "Grease".

Photo: Fredrik Sandberg Scanpix published in DN.

Presentation??? Girls, Acting

Couldnt come up with a better name for the entry, thats all.

Most people knows who Verity Rushworth is so she doesent really NEED a presentation.

But here is the thing. I posted some pictures of her ones upon a time, and a shit load of people are watching them so i wanted to post something “more” on the only girl that can pull off a Yorkshire accent and still make me want to kiss her… opposed to the normal headbutt.   😉   *Just kidding*

Btw Windsor – Dingle must be the name combination in the world that covers the biggest social strata ever.

A bit like Caesar – Baldrick.

Both Ireland and Sweden has places called “Dingle”, in both cases total potato peasant land.

Verity Rushworth and Samuel Anderson in Emmerdale

There are three (actually more, but do i even have to mention Dames Judy Dench or Helen Mirren?) English actresses that i simply ADORE both as actresses and because i think they are sexy, beautiful and just….well….adorable (and in one case as nice as she seems, Sinead Matthews actually wrote me once (or replied rather).

This should take some explaining ofcourse (since i´m trying to bloody enjoy a beer).

I am interested in acting

I fancy women.

I do not get starstruck and i do not get impressed by beautiful girls (that is, i do not get all jelly legged and wishes she would talk to me. If we talk we talk).

I DO, however,get impressed with talent. Somebody doing something really well, affecting me.

That goes for any artform (or anything done with passion).

That is, i could play out a love situation, romantic, sexy or whatever it would be, while dancing or acting and not confuse it with me.

That is, if i got a role where i where to kiss Verity Rushworth, i would feel (or aim for, Strassberg you know) what the character fealt kissing her character.

I would not be kissing HER (that would make acting even more unbarable than it can allready be, not that kissing her would be unbarable but it might not be her, or the scene might call for a thousand other personal things) , my character would be kissing her character in the circumstances of the scene.

There would be emotion there, love , passion, lust or whatever the scene called for, but it would be FROM me,they would not BE me.

If however we where to go for a beer after and i kissed her then, that would be personal.

I would be kissing her.

Reason for all this nothingness is simply to explain that i fancy both “professional girl” for her interpretations and her work. Thats one side of me, AND i fancy these three because they are hot ,beautiful and charming, another side of me. Let not one interrupt the noble work of the other.   😉

Sinead Matthews

Sinead Matthews made me (acutely) aware of her when i saw a TV movie called “In love with Barbara “(She played the young Barbara Cartland).

Not until later did i understand that she had already impressed (and charmed) the hell out of me in a movie called “Half broken things”.

She is facinating.


Emma Chambers

Emma Chambers.

I have mainly experienced her as Alice Tinker in “The Vicar of Dibley”.

She (the character) is totally flaky, has the intelligence of a tomato and is totally wonderful.

I fall in love everytime i see it.

I want to see her in more roles (some dramatic).

I can say that Sinead has actually gotten me hooked on theater.

Sinead Matthews in "Women of Troy"

I was mainly interested in acting before a camera since it can pic up things in the way it can (camera, direction, cutting and so on takes on an entety of themselves. This beast can make the slightest movement of your pupil or nostril act for you.).

Even a still picture of Sinead can make me facinated with what you can do with light or…or… dare i say….nothing at all.

How facinating it could be to walk into a room of five people and act to them, perhaps even having the audience walk around you.

Perhaps this is why i have been doing LARP (many a Swedish LARP has the quality of a theater production….exept the actors are the audience and its all, more or less, improviced).

Wait a minute…..isnt this what we call audition???

Verity Rushworth – A presentation

Verity Rushworth (born 12 August 1985 in BradfordWest Yorkshire) is an English actress who is best known for her role as Donna Windsor-Dingle in the ITV1 soap Emmerdale, having taken over the role from Sophie Jeffery in 1998.

As Donna

Verity trained at the SLP College, Leeds. In 1997 Verity had minor roles in ITV programmes such as Heartbeat.

In 1998, at the age of 12, she went on to play her most notable role of Donna Windsor in the ITV1 soap Emmerdale, having taken over the role from Sophie Jeffery who played the part from 1993–1997. In an interview, she stated that Mark Charnock (Marlon Dingle) is her closest friend from the show.

In December 2006, she appeared in a Emmerdale edition of Family Fortunes, with other members of the Windsor’s.

In January 2007 she was a contestant on the celebrity singing contest, Soapstar Superstar, in which she came 9th.

In September 2007 she appeared on ‘Ghosthunting With The Dingles’ alongside other members of her on-screen family.

After appearing on the show for over 10 years she filmed her final scenes at the end of 2008 which were later aired in January 2009.

From 2 February 2009, she made her West End debut by playing the role of Penny Pingleton in hit musical Hairspray, taking over the role from Elinor Collett.

It was announced in January 2010 that Verity and the rest of the cast will finish on 28 March 2010, as the show at their theatre is closing.

On 5 June 2010, Verity appeared on the BBC One programme ‘Hole in the Wall’.

In October 2010, Verity took on the role of Sophie in Dougal Irvine’s production of Departure Lounge at the Waterloo East Theatre. She starred alongside Steven WebbChris Fountain, Jack Shalloo and Liam Tamne. She finished the role at the beginning of November as Sian Webber took over.

As Maria

Sound of music

In January 2011, Verity will be taking over the role of Maria in The Sound Of Music from Connie Fisher.