Glam Rock, New Wave, Visual Kei, Make Up And Frills

People having opinions about “Visual Kei” must have forgotten about the 70´s-80´s “Glam Rock, New Romance” and “New Wave” when the hairspray formed into a thick fog and mascara had a tendency to “disappear” from moms or girlfriends.

The 80´s “Sleeze Rock” also had its share of it.

Adam Ant (above) was/is my favorite!

David Bowie, Marc Bolan (T-Rex) and Hanoi Rocks, Mötley Crue….

Bands like Malice Mizer and Seremedy (below) are merely following a tradition as old as rock itself.

As a matter of fact, androgyny was even part of the 1920´s jazz scene…… if it upsets you…..????




Who Owns The Stars And Stripes?

Dont bother answering, the title is merely retorical.


So i get home from my hometown only to find that i am being accused of being a theif (only two people has ever called me that with impunity, both times on the web).

The reason, a girl on Tumblr claims ownership of a picture from 1927.

Not even the studio who made the movie does anymore (as far as i can see copyrights has expired?) , but thats beside the point.

Reason for her claim is that she has made this almost a century old picture twitch a little bit ( a “Gif”).

So, out of an entire movie ( i think it is about 90 minutes long) from 1927 she “owns” the picture because it twitches???

I am threatened with losing my (Tumblr) account because of “copyright infringement” and my post is deleted simply because i didnt add her name to a picture taken by someone else a hundred years before she was born.

And this on Tumblr ( i have a good lust finding the real copyright holders lawyers to anything on her Tumblr and alert them  ), a place where people post pictures for no other reason than to post pictures all the time.

I have a hard time beliving any of them are under some permission by the owners.

Unless they are personal friends with Allyson Hannigan, owns a tardis and travels through time, owns a major studio or two that   made some movies like 20:th Century Fox or Warner Brothers and a couple of major record labels?

Do they?


Now if i take a picture of Chaplin, (where copyrights have expired) and make it a bit bluer i might claim that it is transformed (i have done some work on it).

If someone else takes that (now bluer) picture and adds a red nose that could also be considered transformative.

Then i,who made it blue, can complain. Not owning the original picture i am  still the one making it bluer and the one adding the nose might be considered “steeling” the work of making it bluer.

In the rest of the world this is called being anal.

The crime commited by the thief Marcel

What i did was making a photo set of several pictures from the 1920´s to use to show people what one of my blogs was about (a picture of a gangster, one from a movie, a flapper, a dancer and so on).

These pictures i simply (and logically) took from the archive of said blog, without checking if any of their original posters had any strange and exotic demands on what you had to do before posting the material that isnt morally theirs anyway.

I didnt even react to the picture in question being a Gif made by anyone but simply saw it as a scene from the movie.

I was never contacted either until Tumblr themselves did so.

I am now waiting to see if i will be contacted by some American who owns the copyrights for the Latin alphabet for infringing on his rights by writing.

It is clear that i am a thief without morals or honour and should be ashamed for using Tumblr the way everybody else does (actually, i normally always post source).

In my country most “minor cases” as it is called does not exist.

We simply solve it by being adults instead.

A picture of Ivor Novello and June Tripp from Alfred Hitchcock´s “The Lodger: A Story Of The London Fog” that is pretty much identical to the one i write about, but not “twitching”. Let´s see if the Gestapo will be at my door for using it without writing that it was posted by: …..who doesent own it either but simply wrote a review of the movie. Photograph: BFI

Gothenburg, Urban Magic And History Bombing

One thing that bacame even more clear to me as i travelled to my hometown was that a town , or rather, city, has its own magic.

At least to those who come from it.


The Magic


Shock, Södra Hamngatan 49, Great place for all kinds of alernative clothing, shoes, jewlery.

One thing that hit me as i browsed my favorite clothes shop “Shock”, is that in a city of some relatively significant size and with an urban culture, being cool is something that you do for you.

Here in yokl town i can do my utmost to look ….even acceptably good, but always end up looking like a forest troll.

Clothes look less like cool vintage and more like left over hand me downs and container cases.

Long story short, in Gothenburg you look cool not to impress a girl, not to be the tough guy, not to emulate some favorite artist.

You look cool because you do.

It comes as naturally as the landscape of concrete and trams around you.

You are urban.

Obviously what looks cool or good is subjective but thats just part of the equation.

In a city people are not homgenous. People look different, behave different and not only get away with it, but are considered more interesting than any clone project.

Anyone from from a scruffy beard guy to Barney Stinson can walk the streets feeling like he both belongs and like an anomaly at the same time.

Somehow this uban atmosphere fills me with a kind of magic.

Somehow it makes me someone with a personality, empowers me.

When i flirt, I get cooler.

It is not as much  an act of admiration, at least not in one direction, as a form of communication.

I´m not trying to get attention, i already have it.

It´s just…life.

Living, breathing.

It is like all the life and slight chaos around me feeds something.





I did finally get to drink beer at an outdoor serving bar….several actually, and the sun WAS shining, even if it was not the tropics.

I weant with one of those few friends who “stick around” regardless and with whom years can pass and it still feels like yesterday when you last did something.

I also weant with my mother for Chinese food, again at an outdoor serving (yeah, i´ve been longing).

My birthday happens to fall on the summer solstice so it was a celebration dual in nature.

Sweden actually celebrates midsummer a day after the solstice (i know,i know) so…..some nice days.

There is no doubt i should move back there.

Or at least a similar place.


The Temple Pub at Linnégatan 42-44


History Bombing


I slept at my gandmoms for efficiancy and she has like a myriad photos of me, my relatives (whole extended family) and even exés.

Seeing pictures of oneself going further back than i can remember while celebrating being somewhat older than Stonehenge can mess with your mind.

Seeing the whole family at different ages, through generations back to the early 20´th century and at the same time being in the city where so many things have been experienced gave a feeling almost like being high.

A bit Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

A sudden influx of Chi, Prana, Mana or whatever term you prefer, coupled with a whole lot of Jing and Zhen….or Megin to use a Norse term fitting a feeling of personal power and determination.

With this there was angst and fear. Have i wasted my life? Should i have chosen differently?

The stars of Nuit hammering away at my cerebral cortex refusing me any sleep.


Prisoner of Superstitio


Where i live i am a bit over devout so to speak.

I just dont have much else here.

A critic might argue that i have created make belief friends and meaning in lack of any real ones, and to a part i would be inclined to agree.

On the other hand i was always rather disciplined with spiritual stuff.

One might argue that this is a major role of religion, creating or defining a place, a center, meaning.

Being overly devout was called “Superstitio” by the Romans.

The term includes to much cult acts, fear of the Gods, grovelling and anything else that took away from life rather than added to it.

In an orthoprax religion (such as most pre Christian European religions) there is no real difference or boundry between cult acts like sacrifices and prayers and more mundane things like chopping wood or washing your pits.

Actually there was often not even a term for “religion” as such.

Thus, to follow one of those religions, or rather the modern adaptations of them, one would have to have a life too.

A social , proffesional, love, sex, artistic, physical life.

Spending all the time over an altar was (for most people) not a vitue but the sign of an idiot (there where priestly classes that where exeptions to this rule).

I was once thinking that i seemed more Heathen in rural areas and more Thelemic in urban areas.

I´m not sure if that is true but i felt like there was much more to life when in Gothenburg.

A bit like “applying the customs to something  by actually living wouldnt hurt”.

Convictions well ingrained will stay at the back of the head wether constantly contemplated on or not.



…..oh, and one of the guys i found at my grandmoms was me, wondering where the hell i´ve been.

looking at those old pictures even i thought i was cool.

So this is where my Mojo has been!

I´m a bit bored…

… so i´ll waste some time whoring myself out!

Personal Tumblr:

The Beautiful Times (Nostalgia, Music, Vintage, Fashion, 1700´s – 1980´s):

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Herräng, “innocence” lost???

This is probably the best blog I’ve read on Herräng and Lindy Hop (it is in Swedish though)!
It reflects on the very things I have buzzing in my head right now.

I felt like a beginner on Herräng despite years of dancing.
I wonder if Lindy culture may look so different in different places that you almost do not recognize it when, you´re  on Exchange (witch was probably the point of having exchanges at the beginning)?

My teacher has probably focused on the “wrong” things in some cases and teaches more than Lindy ( like International Ballroom Dancing) and I can sometimes feel that his style feels a bit like “bugg (a Swedish swing dance) with eight counts”.

When I get blocked creatively (as a lead), it’s not swing outs, but place changes (in different versions) I will repeat until something new pops up in my head.

I try to “be honest” by comparing my dance with those that have danced for a few months. In fact, I have been dancing Lindy for three years (every week) and where I live I do both brake-aways with Jazz steps, Aerials and more.

If you do a brake-away followed by a  boogie back and Shortie George on Herräng you get either a happy laugh (“How wild and crazy he is”) or a look like “what the f *ck is he doing?”

I have never had low self-esteem when it comes to girls and I have never  hesitated to dance in public, but in Herräng I got  the feeling that i didnt dance “real” Lindy (something the original dancers would had wondered over (Flappers, Swing Kids,Manning, Mintz and Miller where the  hip hopers, street dancers,punks and goths of those days, not their times ballroom dancers).

It feels good though that others  reflects on Herräng besides myself.
I feel more sad than excited if truth be told.

Intressanta Herrängfunderingar

Det här är nog den bästa blogg jag läst vad gäller Herräng och Lindy Hop!

Den reflekterar över precis de saker jag själv har surrande i huvudet just nu.

Jag kände mig som en nybörjare på Herräng trots åratal av dans.
Undrar om inte Lindykulturen kan se så olika ut på olika håll att man nästan inte känner igen den när ,man är på exchange (vilket väl från början var själva vitsen med att ha exchange)?

Min lärare har nog fokuserat på "fel" saker i vissa fall och lär ut mycket annat än Lindy (bla 10 dans) och jag kan ibalnd själv känna att hans stil känns lite som "bugg med eight counts".

När jag får hjärnsläpp så är det inte swing outs, utan platsbyten (i olika varianter) jag upprepar tills något nytt kul dyker upp i skallen.

Jag försöker "vara ärlig" genom att jämföra min dans med sådana som har dansat i några månader. I själva verket har jag dansat Lindy i tre år (varje vecka) och där jag bor gör jag både brake aways med Jazz steg, aerials och annat.

Gör man en brake away följd av back boogie och shortie George på Herräng så får man antingen ett glatt skratt ("vad vild och galen han är") eller en blick som "vad f*n sysslar han med?"

Jag har aldrig haft dåligt självförtroende när det gäller tjejer och jag har aldrig dragit mig för att dansa offentligt, men på Herräng så fick jag helt enkelt känslan av att inte dansa "riktig" Lindy (något som originaldansarna hade undrat över för övrigt (Flappers, Swing Kids, Manning,Mintz och Miller var dåtidens hip hopare, streetdancers, punkare och gothare, inte sin tids ballroom dancers).

Det känns dock skönt att andra reflekterar över Herräng förutom jag själv.
Jag känner mig mer ledsen än upprymd om sanningen skall fram.

Thank you teachers at Herräng!

Before i write anything else about Herräng i must say that the teachers, all of them, where INCREDIBLE!

I loved them all. They where fun (some could probably do stand up successfully), informative, inventive, inspiering and generated a ton of “aha´s”.

To me  the teachers where without a doubt the best thing about Herräng.

I have been asked for favorites but thats simply impossible.

They all brought a flavour and new approaches (as well as really old ones that got old for a reason).

The class i was put in (intermediate 2) was perfect too.

Difficult and challenging but not impossible.

Norma Miller was like a band aid of inspiration to a bruised soul!

Thank you all!


i havent put much on this blog under the category “vintage” since that would be pretty much the whole blog.

i kind of wonder if i should´nt have though, to attract the “right” crowd (or rather their attention).

more or less everything on the blog ranges from the 1700´s to 1980´s and includes highland wear, punk, flappers, swing, victorian and edwardian clothes.