Here am i, floating in a tin can… (Thelemic Banishing Meditation)

The Ritual:

There has been all kinds of speculations by the usual “experts” on the attributions of the Star Ruby pentagrams.

However, suffice to say that for this work i attributed them to the Parzufim thus:

Therion-Nukvah (Malchut)

Nuit- Zeir Anpin (Chesed,Geburah,Tiphareth,Netzach,Hod,Yesod)

Babalon-Imma (Binah)

Hadit-Abba (Chokmah)

Laying on my back ,relaxed,on my bed i performed the silencing gesture (Apo Pantos Kako Daimones) in the Godform of Hoor Paar Kraat (physical movement but astral/mental “sound), allready banishing any intruding ideas, thoughts, emotions,forms or what have you.

Letting the very ideas of the Partzufim “bleed” out of my forhead as i formed the pentagrams, very literally, “aright on my forehead”, only to let them hurl themselves into place as i mentally vibrated the names.

Therion at my feet.

Nuit at my left.

Babalon at my head.

Hadit at my right.

In every case astrally letting the Godform of Hoor Paar Kraat (me) make his sign and complete the circle.

Salvador Dali


I let every idea, thought,emotion,form, the whole universe, time and space, dissolve while (astrally) vibrating the mantra “Aumgn” thus drawing the whole to a point, creation, berashait, a Hoor Paar Kraat state.

Having done this as far as i dared/could i (mentally) intoned:






Letting myself only consist of those formulas.

Performing the qabbalistic cross, adding those sephiroth.

Now, all there was in the universe was a being consisting of above formulae and sephirotic forces (all else would add itself automatically as the sephirotic way of completing the microverse and getting back to Tikkun).

Ending with “Io Pan” to create an influx and allow the Kav to revigorate.

Repeating sign of silence as i begun.

Salvador Dali:Crucifixion


This should probably not be done regularily.

This “floating” feeling can make one quite disoriented.

Even thinking about walking around with the hexagrams in front and back of you and the rest of it doesent help (or perhaps thats exactly what it is doing).

As a matter of fact i´m experiencing a rather “faint” feeling.

*It should be said that i just came out of food poisoning* [A stupid time to perform advanced mystical work , i know, bite me]

On the other hand, resisting change would nullify the whole work.

Dali: Crucifixion Scetch

The way the guardians are placed in a sence places Kether at the feet, while the cross places it at the head (thus corresponding quite nicely with the gemmatria of the words of the cross).

Banishing “everything” (oneself included) to the point of a form of Dhyana (only leaving enough “self” to realize one has left some “self”. Stopping short of hurling oneself into the abyss for which i´m not ready) only to reconstitutionalize oneself consisting only of the cross and the formulas (obviously, the sephiroth of the cross and the formulas will beget the missing ones, or rather,already have, since i have physical form. The invoked ones will however dominate) is also a bit disconcerting (no pun intended).

It should be said, though obvious, that one should not think of oneself as if lying on something, but as floating in emptyness during the ritual.

During the invokation of the guardians and the rest of the text in Greek i let my astral body slide up in the usual Tau angle and position in the circle only to return to “lying” directly after (by now there would be no “up” or “down” anyway. All is relative only to the circle.

Ritually, this is very simple. On the surface it is just a form of laying down Star Ruby meditation.

Mentally, it is difficult, and rewarding.

Could Magicians Praying Have Over Sensetive Invocation Trigger Fingers?

Sounds like i´m kidding, i´m aware of that.

However it is something i have pondered as i am also religous and have a more “fit into everyday activities” spirituality.

Whats your problem dude?

Those who sing might have noticed how you sometimes just “silly sing” or hum and it sounds quite good for a guy with a toothbrush in his mouth.

One might think “Not bad for not using any technique” before realizing that one is actually using technique.

It has just gotten habit and is more in the back of the head (and very downplayed obviously).

Sometimes while and after praying i have experienced a feeling not unlike the one after an invication.

That feeling of being energized in a way that is not “general” but specific (i am a polytheist so we might even talk different Deities here giving it even more of a span). This feeling of “thickness” or charge in the air and the body.

Emotions running a bit wild, ideas running through the head (though less so than after an invocative ritual).

You know that feeling, when you know you need to banish. When it would be obvious to perform an LBRP if you where mid magical or Yogic practices.

Ofcourse ordinary exoteric religion doesent normally require any banishing type activity (when did you hear a praying Christian end with “Ok God, thanks, i will now purify the area from exess prayer mojo”).


Could it be that someone who has practiced Ceremonial Magic…k…ue…for years, a few decades or so, might be so “used” to certain states, visualizasions and so on that practically anything that feels “spiritual” or “ritualistic” might trigger an internal “behaviour”. A number of effects accessing Yesod (or the supernals as Neschamah depending on if you internalize the Etz Chaii)?

If so that would mean that an LBRP might be a good idea even if all you have been doing is praying or being very devout in practices who normally wouldnt require it.

In my case i often have periods where either Ceremonial/Yogic/Alchemical work is done in a very concentrated way OR prayer/ devotion and sacrificial life is in focus.

I dont blend the Thelemic part and the Heathen part (in praxis).

Maybe this is part of what Crowley meant by it being impossible to leave magick once you entered (exept for the magickal vow part).

Are We Being Sloppy With Our Banishings?

I´m not simply asking if we are cleaning after us.

I mean banishings as actual rituals and part of the work.

In “Liber 0” Crowley writes: “6. There are three important practices connected with all forms of ceremonial (and the two Methods which later we shall describe). These are: {16}
(1) Assumption of God-forms.
(2) Vibration of Divine Names.
(3) Rituals of “Banishing” and “Invoking”.

Somehow i think it is easy to regard the banishing part as merely a preparatory stage before an invoking ritual or a “cleaning” ritual for general use.

I actuality  would argue that any ritual or action you can do for invikatory reasons can also be done for banishing (distinction being made by “sign of silence”verbaly and by intent.

In short, are we really doing banishing rituals as full rituals with signs, God forms, conjurations and curses, full of visualizations and holy words?



In “Magick In Theory And Practice” Crowley writes: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and had better come first. Purity means singleness. God is one. The wand is not a wand if it has something sticking to it which is not an essential part of itself. If you wish to invoke Venus, you do not succeed if there are traces of Saturn mixed up with it.

That is a mere logical commonplace: in magick one must go much farther than this. One finds one’s analogy in electricity. If insulation is imperfect, the whole current goes back to earth. It is useless to plead that in all those miles of wire there is only one-hundredth of an inch unprotected. It is no good building a ship if the water can enter, through however small a hole.

That first task of the Magician in every ceremony is therefore to render his Circle absolutely impregnable.


See, however, the Essay on Truth in “Konx om Pax”. The Circle (in one aspect) asserts Duality, and emphasizes Division.

If one littlest thought intrude upon the mind of the Mystic, his concentration is absolutely destroyed; and his consciousness remains on exactly the same level as the Stockbroker’s. Even the smallest baby is incompatible with the virginity of its mother. If you leave even a single spirit within the circle, the effect of the conjuration will be entirely absorbed by it.”

In this case it is clearly meant a banishing before some other ritual but isnt the same true in general?

He continues: “The cleansed and consecrated Magician takes his cleansed and consecrated instruments into that cleansed and consecrated place, and there proceeds to repeat that double ceremony in the ceremony itself, which has these same two main parts. The first part of every ceremony is the banishing; the second, the invoking. The same formula is repeated even in the ceremony of banishing itself, for in the banishing ritual of the pentagram we not only command the demons to depart, but invoke the Archangels and their hosts to act as guardians of the Circle during our pre-occupation with the ceremony proper. In more elaborate ceremonies it is usual to banish everything by name. Each element, each planet, and each sign, perhaps even the Sephiroth themselves; all are removed, including the very one which we wished to invoke, for that forces as existing in Nature is always impure. But this process, being long and wearisome, is not altogether advisable in actual working. It is usually sufficient to perform a general banishing, and to rely upon the aid of the guardians invoked. Let the banishing therefore be short, but in no wise slurred — for it is useful as it tends to produce the proper attitude of mind for the invocations. “The Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram” (as now rewritten, Liber 333, Cap. XXV) is the best to use.”


Now, if we do rituals of invokation because some things, be they what they are, are desireble, there must also be thing that are not desireble to our path, whatever it might be.

Not only undesireble for the ritual at hand but undesireble in general.

Ritual includes calling and calling away.



Why should the magician not clear his path and send away any energies, principles, concepts or influences he needs by as extencive and elaborate rituals as possible, strengthening his aura, the border of his universe as well as himself in its center?

Magick In Theory And Practice: “In most extant magical rituals the two operations are performed at once; or (at least) the banishing has the more important place, and greater pains seem to be taken with it; but as the student advances to Adeptship the banishing will diminish in importance, for it will no longer be so necessary. The Circle of the Magician will have been perfected by his habit of Magical work. In the truest sense of that word, he will never step outside the Circle during his whole life. But the consecration, being the application of a positive force, can always be raised to a closer approximation to perfection. Complete success in banishing is soon attained; but there can be no completeness in the advance to holiness.”

John William Waterhouse: The Magic Circle - 1886


Should we not strengthen our auras as much as possible rendering them impenerable?

Should we not do our utmost to get rid of crap and when the time comes for invokation, all the more easy it will be?



Isnt the sign of a magician not just what he conjures up, but also what he casts away?

It should be said though that invokative rituals will still be needed (obviously).

The first line of chapter 14 in “Magick In Theory And Practice” reads: “Consecration is the active dedication of a thing to a single purpose. Banishing prevents its use for any other purpose, but it remains inert until consecrated. ”

My own experience being that all that is called in , even to banish, is energizing.

All banishings are a kind of invokation.

Energy is energy but what is invoked in order to banish (so to say) only, or mainly throws things out (according to the nature of the ritual) and blocks the same.

It still gives effects that has to be considered though. A very aggressive ritual using Geburah, fire and brimstone and curses would give effects of an aggressive nature whether it be an invokative or a banishing ritual.

I just threw a light bulb to the floor and my body is very adamant in throwing crap out (including literally).

I once thought of the Kabbalistic Cross and the L.V.X. signs (among other things) in rituals such as the LBRP and LBRH as more or less “doing anything (=strictly invokative) but is that true?

If the intent is on banishing and blocking, isnt that what they mainly do?

Arent they doing in the interior what the pentagrams or hexagrams are doing on the border and the Arhangels in the exterior?

A double edged sword of weeding before planting.

That is, i belive, the path of the magician.

Pearl And Emerald (A Pentagram Ritual)

A little Pentagram Ritual i wrote to keep in tune with (and contemplate) certain energies.

Start off as in Crowleys “Star Ruby”:

Facing East, in the centre, draw your breath deep deep deep , closing your mouth with your right forefinger presssed against your lower lip.  Then, dashing down the hand with a great sweep back and out, exhaling hard, cry: ΑΠΟ  ΠΑΝΤΟΣ  ΚΑΚΟΔΑΙΜΟΝΟΣ (Apo Pantos Kakodaimones)

Cabalistic Cross- With the same forefinger touch your forehead and say ΣΟΙ (Soi) You genitals, and say Ω  ΦΑΛΛΕ (O Phalle) your right shoulder, and say ΙΣΧΥΡΟΣ (Ischuros) your left shoulder, and say ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΟΣ(Evcharistos) then clasp your hands, locking the fingers, and cry ΙΑΩ (IAO)

Form your thumbs and fingers into a triangle, apex up and in them visualize a Pentagram made of Emerald in it (the triangle held in front of forehead ).

In the sign of Horus/The Enterer fling it forwards with the word “Osiris” Vibrated (The Pentagram should grow in sixe enough to block your way).

Turn to the south. Repat but vibrate “Aethel Hemera”.

Turn to the west. Repeat but vibrate “Khronos”.

Turn to the north. Repeat but vibrate “Phenomenon”.

Your right hand should remain extended as you trace the circumference of your circle from quarter to quarter and after every vibration your left forefinger should do the “Sign of Hoor Paar Kraat/Silence. The circumference should be made of pearl.

Returning to the east recite: “And they shall come and see my glory”

Turn to the south and recite: “Born of fire”

Turn to the west and recite: “Let him take the water of life freely”

Turn to the north and recite: These have power to shut heaven”

Again at the east recite: “And the eyes of them both where opened”

Standing as a cross (arms extended. Sign of Osiris Slain) Say “Before me SunBehind me torch. On my right hand Sunlight. On my left hand Candle (and visualize these) Around me stand the Emerald Star and above and below the Star of Six (Visualize Hexagrams)”.

Repeat Cabalistic Cross.

Repeat Sign of Silence with “Apo Pantos Kakodaimones”.


I based the thing on gematria.

In the GD system the term/title “Magus” belongs both to Chokmah and the path/letter of “Beth” (Mercury).

Magus by Gematria (written in English) equals 328.

The names/phrases used as well as the title all enumerate to (and thus correspond to) 328.

3*Binah (Understanding) 300*Shin-Fire

2*Chokmah (Wisdom- The title “Magus”) 20*Kaph-Wheel Of Fortune

8*Hod (Splendour-Mercurial like the Magus of the Tarot + Tarot Trump Strength/Lust-Leo)

So do:

God The Lord



Blessed Is He


The Land Of Nod

Golden Altar

Right Hand Man

Time To Heal

Catholic Shame

(Then again, so does “Katie Holmes” and “Fish And Chips” so let´s stay level headed….or not).

True is that there are two names vibrated in the south and that the word “Phenomenon” is not (usually considered) a Divine name.

I do however belive that the Gematric correspondances will even things out and that (as Earth and Malkuth) the northern station will work as the receptacle of the energies of the other three.

Otherwise, why not experiment with the names until you find one equilibrated enough?

Sign of Silence

(Below)Sign of The Enterer

Banishing: Whatcha gonna do without an Elburp?


Head For the Red

This past weekend, I got hit with a wave of sadness, a deep and sorrowful sadness that made me want to just sit down and cry. Being the self-aware magician that I am, I quickly realized there was absolutely no reason for feeling that way. I had slept really well the night before, I had been doing chores that make me feel good, like I’m fulfilling my roles and responsibilities as a man, and there hasn’t been anything going on in my life that would leave me depressed.

Random mood swings are one of the things I’ve learned are usually caused by a spiritual attack. Especially random feelings of anxiety or depression. Most spiritual attacks, in my experience, are caused by wandering nepheshim,* the shades of the dead. These spirits are supposed to fade away around 6 weeks after the body of a person dies. Some of them learn to survive on the extreme emotions of other humans, and they learn to trigger these extreme emotions in their vicitms, floating around causing depression or anxiety.

Note that I am NOT saying all depression or anxiety is caused by a spirit. Most of us have valid and real reasons to feel depressed and frightened at times in our lives. I’m talking about feelings that come out of nowhere when we should be happy, or were happy just a second ago.

What happens is a wandering Nephesh does whatever it does to attack. You feel a wave of fear, anxiety, or nostalgia about something that makes no sense in your current context. Your mind will likely go looking for some “subconscious” reason for the feeling and chances are good it will find something plausible; this is a trap. You will justify your feelings of sadness, pin it on some real event that legitimately makes you feel sad, and the false sense of sadness has now been replaced with a real source of pain in your life. By your own brain. And then you’re generating real depression, or fear, or whatever, and the spirit gets to feed.

Now, people die every day. I figure there are a few hundred fading nephesh per square mile, especially around graveyards, hospitals, and the cities where people die in accidents, gun fights, stabbings, etc. In old neighborhoods there are more of them, and the longer a place has been around, the more nephesh gather that figure out ways to survive.

So when the wave of random bad feelings hit me, I quickly analyzed whether or not it was legit, and finding no ready reason for the feeling, I started to banish.

Since I have publicly aired my opinion of the LBRP (pronounced “Elburp”), you can bet I didn’t use that. Instead, I went with something more in keeping with my own context. There are echoes of the Elburp in the rite I did, but only because I’m working from the same traditional sources as the Golden Dawn, but with a different overall intent and cosmology.

I was in my bedroom in the basement. I’ve found that basements seem to have more nepheshim, must be a chthonic thing. I sat down on my bed, and closed my eyes. I called out to my HGA, and pictured myself within my Altar Glyph, standing in the center, surrounded by the Four Princes of the Angles of the World, and the Seven Intelligences of the Planets. Beneath me were the bound Demonic Kings, hostile in the Elements, and above me was my HGA. Looking up far enough, I caught a glimpse of the Source pouring down like a fountain through the spheres in a long chain tha ended with my own manifestation.

This reminded me of my “Race and Value,” that is, my divine heritage and my position within the framework of eternity. Reclaiming this relationship is the cornerstone of Neo-Platonic philosophy, according to my understanding of Plotinus’Enneads.

Next, I said aloud, in a low voice, “Nephesh, be gone now in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. [HGA name], remove this offending spirit. Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, consecrate this ground for our defense; let no wandering shade or spirit of ill intent pass within this home.”

I then called on the Archangels of the Seven Planetary Spheres to consecrate the home and keep it cleansed and safe as well. I called them by name alone and kept the charge pretty simple: “By the powers of the Seven Spheres, I consecrate this house for our defense.”

The air in the room cleared noticeably, and the feelings of sadness dissipated. I noticed a marked improvement of the general tone of our familial interactions from that moment, and I was reminded forcefully that I hadn’t done any cleansing or banishing in the temporary house since moving in. (My altar is in storage, along with my Holy Water and Sage.)

So if you were wondering what I do to banish or cleanse on the fly, that’s about it. It’s short and sweet, and it works wonders.

*Quick refresher: humans have four (or five) “souls,” the Guf, which is the Mortal Body, the Nephesh, the Ruach, which is the Immortal Mind, and the Neschemah, which is the Immortal Spark of God (and some say the Chiah, the Life Force, or Breath of God, similar but not equal to Prana). The Nephesh is the soul that handles the amygdala response to events, and runs the autonomous nervous system of the body. It’s the emotional memory soul, it’s your cellular memory that remembers to form scar tissue where you were cut when you were 10 even 26 years later, it’s the survivalist, the main maintainer of our daily existence. This soul is also Mortal, like the Guf-body. It survives by feeding on the processes of your physical body, but when your body dies, it begins to starve to death. It takes 6 weeks to die and return to the ashes of Sheol, give or take, and it’s this part of the soul that sticks around after you’ve died, popping up in the passenger car seat when your loved ones are sitting at red lights thinking about how much they miss you. It feeds on extreme emotions, like grief, panic, rage, or ecstatic bliss. This soul can be kept “alive” by making regular offerings, like libations or burning incense and candles to your ancestors. Most of them just die, but some seem to feed off of geomagnetic forces, or become vampire spirits. They seldom remember much about the lives they lived, but they can generally recall the moments of their lives that were traumatic, or were extremely emotional. That’s why “ghosts” are seen walking the places they’ve died, or where they were murdered or whatever. They’re reliving their emotional memories, and are usually kept alive by some “energy” source they’ve managed to adapt to feed on.