Beer and bling in Iron Age Europe

Beer and bling in Iron Age Europe.

ScienceDaily (Mar. 19, 2012) — If you wanted to get ahead in Iron-Age Central Europe you would use a strategy that still works today — dress to impress and throw parties with free alcohol.

Collaborating with the State Monuments Office in Tübingen, Germany, UW-Milwaukee Professor Bettina Arnold has excavated Iron-Age burial mounds in an area of southwest Germany where pre-Roman Celtic people lived. (Credit: Image courtesy of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

At times Jönköping feels almost like a real town!


If only it wasnt impossible to get to and from it when you live in the pile of snow i´m enjoying.

Last bus at weekends leaves at 2am.The bars close then to witch should seem perfect, unless you want to stay iout longer (and perhaps you´re not sure if you´re going home).

Sure it IS a town but has just as much of smalltown feel as metropol.

Now that my dance instructor messed up things and so on it left me with nothing to do.

Who would have known i would one day find myself without friends and without anything to activate me.

Instead i´ve got this.

Skillingaryd Photo:

Gothenburg – Skillingaryd

I might speak alot along the lines of longing and that is since some years now i´m living in a little crap town (3000 inhabitants), a place i moved to for economical and practical reasons but dont belong in even a little bit.

My hometown

I come from Gothenburg on the Swedish westcoast, seagulls, goths, kinky clubs, secret fraterneties and a busy nightlife is my thing. I belong in a very social and urban sphere.   The reasons for why i moved here are in some cases still holding me here since moving would risk me losing what took me years to gain. As it is now i sit here in the dung, seeing the time go by and other peoples lives going on (on the web). Getting to the closest town is a whole adventure too, and the nightbus leaves for home at 2 am, clubs close at the same time (in Gothenburg i took the FIRST tram home, or wherever the case maight be, more often than not). I miss punkrockers, vampire LARPers, fetishists and people who are not wearing clothes solely to not be naked.

If i hear a snicker i will head butt you! Cafe´to the right, booze store to the left.

Style, exentrics, panache´, possabilities. The city is my element. Nighlife, meatings, music and beer. NOT pitchforks, children with webbed fingers and banjo´s (even if one could partly think so, the forks and fingers at least).