Carin Svensson – Erlandsson. Linedance Choreographer

Small worldCount: 32
Wall: 4
Level: Improver
Choreographer: Micaela (Svensson) Erlandsson, LD Crazy Mike
April 2011
Music: It’s such a small world by Rodney Crowell duet with Rosanne Cash — CD Album Diamonds & Dirt
Intro 16 counts

As oppose to me, my sister is a linedancer and choreographer of linedances.
I DO actually have some use of it since they use a lot of Jazz steps that we (Swing Dancers) use, and often by the same names.
Otherwise we are on opposite sides of the dancing world.  😉
The guy she dances with is her husband, DJ and choreographer Mike Erlandsson.


24 Count 2 Walls Beginner

Choreographed by: Micaela Svensson Erlandsson (SE)

Choreographed to: 4 Minus 3 Equals Zero on Always Never the Same by George Strait 91 BPM

Intro: 24 Style: Country

Section 1     Basic Waltz step right, Basic Waltz step left 1-3 Take a long step to the right with your right foot, Drag left beside right, Step right in place. 4-6 Take a long step to the left with your left foot, Drag right beside left, Step left in place. Section 2     Basic Waltz step forward (R) Basic Waltz step back(L) 1-3 Step forward on right, Step left beside right, Step right in place (weight on right) 4-6 Step back on left, Step right beside left, Step left in place (weight on left) Section 3     Cross, Turn ¼ right, Turn ¼ right, Left Twinkle step 1-3 Cross right over left, Turn ¼ right putting left foot back, Turn ¼ right putting right foot to right side. 4-6 Cross left over right, Rock right to right, Recover onto left. Section 4    Right Twinkle Step , Step forward on left, Kick Right forward, Hold.1-3 Cross right over left, Rock left to left, Recover onto right. 4-6 Step left forward, Kick right foot forward hitching your knee up, Hold   Start over 🙂

HabibiArabic Linedance, 28 counts, 4 walls, improver level.
In memory of Fajez ChebebThis is actually my sister Micaela Svensson Erlandsson

She is a rather known linedance choreographer that decided to chorograph a dance with an Arabaic motif, inspired by bellydancing (+ a little salsa and swing).

The dance became very popular in Asia, Canada and….well check out you tube.

She has since done dances inspired by Jewish, Russian and Finnish folkdancing in a way doable in linedancing.

PS: “Habibi” means “darling” or “beloved” in Arabic.

Salsa Cuba

Salsa Linedance,32 count, 2 wall, improver level, no tags.
32 count, 2 wall, intermediate/advanced level, danced with 2 tags
Choreographer Micaela Svensson
She had hardly written the dance (i was in the room) when this popped up on YouTube from Malaysia.
A group called PSLDA. They added theyre own little touch, the beautiful “Ballroom / Latino” arm movements for instance (one SHOULD make a dance ones oewn in my opinion. It IS after all an artform).