i havent put much on this blog under the category “vintage” since that would be pretty much the whole blog.

i kind of wonder if i should´nt have though, to attract the “right” crowd (or rather their attention).

more or less everything on the blog ranges from the 1700´s to 1980´s and includes highland wear, punk, flappers, swing, victorian and edwardian clothes.


Victorian / Edwardian Paintings

Horace Castelli – Opium smokers dreaming, illustration from ‘Journal des Voyages’, 27th January 1878

Scalpels, quills and no pain relief: Gruesome procedures outlined in 19th century surgical guide to nose jobs

One of the earliest books in English detailing the science of cosmetic surgery for noses has been unearthed at a house clearance. The book is called Surgical Observations On The Restoration Of The Nose; And On The removal Of Polypi And Other Tumours From The Nostrils. It was written by a surgeon for surgeons and is a guide on how to carry out the procedures. The author, John Stevenson, published the work in 1833 and translated the first part from a German text by a Dr Dieffenbach.

Thomas Faed – The end of a happy day

Lawrence Alma-Tadema – The Inundation, 1856

Lawrence Alma-Tadema – The Death of Hippolyte, 1860

Lawrence Alma-Tadema – Dealer in Statues