I have writen in another place about keeping your inner feelings, plans, dreams and thoughts secret, lest people poop on them.

In short, what is most valuable to you, especially your dreams, should not be profaned by (however well meaning) naysayers and others.

One reason for why Magickal ceremonies and rituals are usually kept rather secret.

Their power would be diminished by telling “the world” about them.

Symbolized by the fact that spirituality, including Magick, Mysticism,Yoga and pure Religion (of a more than intellectual kind) belongs over the abyss on the Etz Chaii (Tree of Life).

That is Yechida, Chia and Neschamah (Kether,Chokmah and Bina).

In other word, hidden from the cosmos, or in this case the rational mind (Ruach).

I have begun to think about energy waste and distraction in my own life.

The more boring my life is, the more it gets posted on Facebook and similar places.

If my life was more interesting i might not WANT to reveal everything and even if i did, i would be too occupied experiencing it.

Maybe our posting of every fart on social medias rob us of power, a leakeage of sorts by throwing our whole inner self out there, unprotected and bare for anyone to scrutinize, judge or even insult for the heck of it.

It seems a whole lot of time is spent either attacking or defending ideologies, sexualities, spiritualities and so on.

In Freemasonry, they have a guy called the “Tyler” outside the door of the Temple, guarding it from intrusion.

If you see your life, your mind, your plans as a Lodge….do you have a Tyler? Does everything in there have the correct passwords and tokens?

That is, has thoughts, emotions, habits that are really unfamiliar to your spirituality, your sexual orientation, your ideology……simply YOU as an individual, snuck in?

I´m not talking about seeing others point of views, i´m talking about the bombardements of culture, telling you what is “right and wrong” (are you a Buddhist with largely Christian ethics because you where brought up/live in a Christian culture for instance?), telling you that you are “fat” despite the fact that you are skinnyer than Marilyn Monroe simply because our ideals have gone haywire?

Are we putting ourselves up as targets and then whine when we are judged by cretins?

It is one thing to bravely stand up for something, another to paste yourself everywhere out of shear Narcissism.

Another thing, now a big part of my (Spiritual) work is the backwards look.

I have been living in yesterday, in memories for too long.

That includes trying to become what i was again.

Isnt the whole work one of transformation?

Shouldnt we reinvent ourselves?

Symbolically one could see it as pure energy (and that is what it is, even nif not in form of a ray or anything similar).

Concentrated in one place it is stronger than if leaking in every direction.

Balanced it affects more than unbalanced.

Aiming it in the wrong direction, or several directions diminishes it.

Experinces and lessons learned are one thing, living a rerun of yourself another.

Aim for the next you.

It should be said that inspiration fuels the Temple so utter silence and an introvert attitude is not what i´m talking about (energy must be in motion).

Simply a moderation and caution with spillage.

Pearls before swine being the perfect metaphor.

New Facebook Account???

I´ve been thinking of making one.

One for people i know and who actually communicate with me

Only problem is importing the people i give a crap about to the new account.

A: Lot of work.

B: They might not want another account for a person they are already in contact with.

C: I cant really ask them, themselves to seek up the new account.

A lot of old “friends” are hanging around like yesterdays dirt for no good reason (taking them off my list would take just as much, if not more time and effort).

Facebook – “Friends” list or a list of faces?

There are two groups of people who ever interact with me in any way whatsoever on Facebook. 

People i know from the web that happens to share interests, religion or taste with me, but that i have never, and in most cases never will meet.

People who play Viking Clan or some similar game.

The way i see it, if you have partied with, had fun with, ate with, had romantic relationships with or lived with people for years and they no longer find it interesting to even say “hi” in five years, those relationships are over.

You no longer know eachother.

Let me see ….last time a had a phone call by a non family member was……never.

Last time i had a private e mail was….perhaps a year ago.

Last sms….something along those lines too.

I´m just not interesting enough.

As soon as i´m out of sight i´m forgotten.

Hey, if people dont want to be with me they dont have to. I can always buy new ones.

But they shouldnt give off the impression of still knowing, or wanting to know me either. Life moves on, i get it.

some seven years of intence “hanging” is no guarantee that they should continue to have an interest in me.

Neither should they flock around me when i´m no longer alone ( = lives in a place with people ).

They should call it “Followers” like Twitter does.

Just more honest.

I´m a bit bored…

… so i´ll waste some time whoring myself out!

Personal Tumblr:

The Beautiful Times (Nostalgia, Music, Vintage, Fashion, 1700´s – 1980´s):

Forn Sed (Viking Age, Norse Mythology, Norse Culture, History, Archeology, Anthropology)

Esoterica (Magic, Occult, Kabbalah, Alchemy, Rituals, Witchcraft, Satanism, Astrology):

The Roaring Twenties (Jazz Age, Flappers, Charleston, Gangsters, Prohibition, Silent Movies):

The Roaring Twenties (Facebook Page):

Vintage Clothing (Facebook Page):

Facebook Photo Uploader and a load of crap

As i was going to upload photo´s to my page i was told to get the facebook photo uploader. I did, so now i cant upload anything.

I ask people if they know how it´s suppose to work…….no answer.

I DO however get 100 requests for Farmville.

Everytime i go on facebook i get reminded of why i stopped going there last.

I also get reminded exactly how important i am to people there, or almost anywhere else for that matter.

Facebook integrity???

I posted this on facebook:

“We all have at least 60 friends on Facebook; but when it comes to needing someone to talk to, how many would actually be there for you? I can guarantee not even 1 of your Facebook friends will copy this status. If you would be there for me, set this as your status & see how many of us would be there… for you! (I just did for 1 of my friends) Let’s try it out & see. Prove me wrong friend :-)”

What i got back was 10 different excuses with how they would always be there for me (blah, blah, blah. The post  was hypothetical) but wouldnt repost.

Me, when i saw it, just went ahead and re posted it.

Then again, to me facebook is just facebook.

Is there such a thing as facebook integrity???

The same people that wants to tell me about their cucumbers in farmville???