Betsy Von Furstenberg by Mike Ludlow

Betsy Von Furstenberg

Artist: Mike Ludlow was a glamour illustrator who did much pin-up work in the late 1950s for Esquire. He painted the entire twelve-page calendar for 1957 – the last published by the magazine. His pin-ups also appeared in the series of three-page centerfolds known as Esquire’s Lady Fair. For these works, Ludlow often called on actresses like Virginia Mayo and popular personalities like Betsy Von Furstenberg in addition to professional models.
Ad works for Balantine Ale, Douglas Aircraft, RCA (classical LP covers). Story art for Saturday Evening Post, Esquire, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle.

Betsy von Furstenberg was born on August 16, 1931 in Neheim, West Phalia, Germany. She is a famous actress. She is very good in painting and riding. Betsy is also a good player of Tennis.

Betsy started her career as an actress with the famous movie “Donne senza nome” in which she played the role of Boshe in 1950. She acted in television series “Disappearing Trick” in which she played the role of Laura Gild in 1958.
Betsy played a lead role in the famous television series “Another World” which was released in 1964.

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