So tired i could puke! Welcome to trivial land!

Today i just had this feeling of nausea or inertia over the internet with its social medias wich arent really social (duh) and its constant regurgitating state.

On the one hand we have the places like Facebook and i cant stand another second of people posting the trivial minutia of their lives today.

Places like Tumblr wich are really just people spitting out pretty pictures.

Both places…most if not all places on the web mainly made for people with a micro celebrity complex and no interest whatsoever in anyone else (yup, nobody reads your posts…..just like you couldnt care crap about theirs) and an attention span of three seconds.

The entitled generation spewing all over eachother.

I just had a sandwich, and now i´m gonna tell you eeeeeeeeeeverything about it.
XOXO *LOL* -Conan The Colossal-


Should you actually enter a discussion on anything that could possably be of any interest to anyone older than ten or air an opinion it is all mini trolling, oneupmanship and people with little or no actual existence trying to get the “satisfaction” of “winning” the discussion.

I just dont have the energy to post the same arguments over and over to people who think they are intellectuals who has “gotten it”.

Neither do i have the energy to do so for all the fanatics and fundamentalists out there.

I regard myself as a tolerant guy who can in every way stand people disagreeing with me but in the long run, Atheists trying to “save” people with a rigor i have only seen in the Jehovas Witnesses before, racists who hide behind some make belif “heritage”. Having them constantly rain down their gospels over me is just tiering.

“Hah! I am much more Hermeticerer than you!”
“No, i am the Hermeticerest of ém all. I have a personal letter written by the Archangel Ratziel proving it. He texted it to me last friday.!”

Once upon a time i too belived that the web was a place full of information and the free word.

A place where people could discuss the way grown ups do, with nothing to prove, everything to find and without some obligation to reach a consensus (usually the opinion of the loudest and least educated person).

In reality the internet is to a large part a toy.Nothing more.

Most information is there, but drowned under tons of crap, not that it matters, very few people have any interest anyway.

They are either shallow or pseudo intellectuals passing their pet theories as knowledge.

…..and again, the ones that arent usually have to be DUG up from underneath all the nothingness.


Easy instructions for boycotting GoDaddy over SOPA

Posted by Robert David Graham (@ErrataRob)

SOPA is a horrible internet regulation law pushed by the copyright cartels that will destroy many of the freedoms on the Internet, such as the TOR project that anonymizes network traffic for activists in repressive countries.

Go Daddy supports SOPA. Therefore, if you care about Internet freedoms, you should probably move your accounts to another registrar. This link describes how to do it in a painless manner. I’m moving my Go Daddy registrations to Network Solutions, where I already have an account.

Go Daddy has now officially dropped its support of SOPA. It isn’t against SOPA, it has no official opinion. But isn’t it Go Daddy’s original intent that matters? Go Daddy supported SOPA and that’s the kind of internet they would like to see. I think a boycott is in order even if they reversed course after finding out how unpopular their position was.

SOPA And The Entertainment Industry

Written by: Tina Houston


SOPA is the new internet censorship laws imposed by the entertainment industry to “protect” the entertainment industry. I am protesting by not buying cable or any kind of TV, Music of any kind, I will not be renting/buying movies or even go to the movie theater. I will not be referring, discussing in any way any performer of any kind with in the entertainment industry. If they want people to buy their shit they will have to get it to the public I will not be a participant in spreading word of mouth advertising in any way other than what I am freely allowed to share via the internet. So if they want word of mouth advertising they will get SOPA advertised and how they are screwing over the entire world. I have enough family, work, projects, and books to read and research to do to keep me entertained with out using ANY entertainment crap sold buy the entertainment industry.
The entertainment industry can kiss my lily white behind and go screw themselves. If I can’t access something in it’s entirety before I purchase it or share it with my friends so they can purchase it, then screw the person/s/corporation/business/who is selling it. I won’t even purchase a book if I can’t skim over the content and view some of it to even see if I want to read it, so why would I spend $24.00 or more on something I am not even sure if I am gonna like it? Screw you Entertainment industry you will get no word of mouth advertising from me. No one will hear a single word about anything put out from the Entertainment Industry. If it isn’t third party I will no longer share it. I will no longer like, +1, or anything that will promote something put out there by the entertainment industry if it is put on there by the artist or anyone who has explicit permission to promote it. This mouth will be absent of words when it comes to any product made with in the entertainment industry. Just want to make that clear. And If someone wants to talk about something I will hide the post, not read it, not view it, or just walk away from the conversation. I don’t even want to know what is new. I will NO LONGER spend a penny on Entertainment produced with in the Entertainment Industry.

Be a HERO and Help STOP SOPA Now!! I’ll tell you How! This Video that Must Be SHARED!


Go to and for thousands of pages of evidence and links to the original source research on the Internet Wayback Machine.

The “modern” world

“ATM cant read card, please try another ATM or try later”

I live in a one horse dung heap, WHAT other ATM? And the store closes in a couple of minutes.

Since the internet cant be used for anytghing that can be repeated over and over with the same results it cant be defined as science. I will henceforth see it as witchcraft.

I pay for something that only sporadically gets delivered. With TV showing childerens programs (Adam Sandler) and me having no food or more important, tobacco i guess i´ll just sleep.

Man did not invent God, man made do with a prototype.

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The “modern” world

“ATM card cant be read, please try later or at another ATM! “(i live in a one horse dung heap, WHAT other ATM? And the store closes in a few minutes).

I have spent most of the day trying to access the internet (a product i´m paying for but that only sporadically gets delivered).

Since nothing with computers can be repeated over and over with the same result i dont define it as science but witchcraft.

We are so impressed with our own cleverness that we dont invent God, a prototype is good enough.

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