Ballroom Dancing – Elitified to death???

Death by hip motion!!!

I love ballroom dancing! But as i watched the European Championships a few nights ago i had to ask myself if it´s not going the same way as so many sports.

If it becomes so elite that the whole essence of dancing gets thrown out in favor of semi silly staccato twitches (not talking about Tango here), poses and extremly exagerated hip movements it wont attract  new dancers.

The whole “Man / woman” interaction just dies and the feeling for me is that the judges and the audience has gotten more important than the partner (a mortal sin).


I DO want to dance the Samba, but i want to look like a guy in Brazil dancing in the warm evening with a beautiful girl (dont tell me Ballroom Samba is not Brazilian, i AM aware of it).

If i do the Cha Cha i want an electricity between me and the partner.

If all i have to say is “Look at me,look at me” there is facebook for that.

To me dancing (even social dancing) is an art form.

Where did the characters of the dances go?

My instructor says that acting is 50% of the dance.

Maybe it is the fact that i like acting that ruins it for me.

Having said all this i realize that i´m a smurf roaring at giants.

I also know that there ARE men that can dance the Cha Cha so that women dont know what to do with themselves.

For some reason i didnt see that a few nights ago.