Could Magicians Praying Have Over Sensetive Invocation Trigger Fingers?

Sounds like i´m kidding, i´m aware of that.

However it is something i have pondered as i am also religous and have a more “fit into everyday activities” spirituality.

Whats your problem dude?

Those who sing might have noticed how you sometimes just “silly sing” or hum and it sounds quite good for a guy with a toothbrush in his mouth.

One might think “Not bad for not using any technique” before realizing that one is actually using technique.

It has just gotten habit and is more in the back of the head (and very downplayed obviously).

Sometimes while and after praying i have experienced a feeling not unlike the one after an invication.

That feeling of being energized in a way that is not “general” but specific (i am a polytheist so we might even talk different Deities here giving it even more of a span). This feeling of “thickness” or charge in the air and the body.

Emotions running a bit wild, ideas running through the head (though less so than after an invocative ritual).

You know that feeling, when you know you need to banish. When it would be obvious to perform an LBRP if you where mid magical or Yogic practices.

Ofcourse ordinary exoteric religion doesent normally require any banishing type activity (when did you hear a praying Christian end with “Ok God, thanks, i will now purify the area from exess prayer mojo”).


Could it be that someone who has practiced Ceremonial Magic…k…ue…for years, a few decades or so, might be so “used” to certain states, visualizasions and so on that practically anything that feels “spiritual” or “ritualistic” might trigger an internal “behaviour”. A number of effects accessing Yesod (or the supernals as Neschamah depending on if you internalize the Etz Chaii)?

If so that would mean that an LBRP might be a good idea even if all you have been doing is praying or being very devout in practices who normally wouldnt require it.

In my case i often have periods where either Ceremonial/Yogic/Alchemical work is done in a very concentrated way OR prayer/ devotion and sacrificial life is in focus.

I dont blend the Thelemic part and the Heathen part (in praxis).

Maybe this is part of what Crowley meant by it being impossible to leave magick once you entered (exept for the magickal vow part).