Masonic Initiation Rituals and Mormon Temple Ceremonies

I have been trying to explain this for decades (me also being an initiate of several lodges and other initiatory bodies + having recieved the LDS endowment once upon a time).

The few liknesses between (especially) The Royal Arch and the Nauvoo Endowment (LDS Temple Ritual) are smaller than many think and the history where Masonry and Mormonism meets often obscured.

Ps: No obligations are broken in the video to Freemasonry or Endowment and it is not meant as proselytatization. Purely academic comparison).

Some people never leaves your heart

Just read up on Mormonism (i had no idea there where so many versions of it) and as an extension of that just HAD to look up an old girlfriend.

My heart is almost beating out of my chest. She looks EXACTLY the same!!!

Painfully beautiful!

Some people never leaves your heart.


*Hm, according to the mirror my eyes have also turned Christopher Lee/Dracula red. Should i take a hint?*