The Weirdest Emptiness

It is funny!

I´ve got time.

I´ve got money!

Yet my life seems to include less and less.

This place gets more and more tomb like.

The last couple of years have been years of loss, escalating this year, ending me in an empty apartment that seems almost outside reality.

Loss of friends, loss of love, loss of confidence, loss of drive, loss of even the lust to do anything.

Everything outside these walls are worlds away and everybody elses lives jusr roll on.

I am in solitary confinement, an oubliette, left, forgotten.

Manic Street Preachers – Motorcycle Emptiness

BBC Maida Vale Studios, 4th April 2007


By CJ:

If it wouldn’t be impossible

i would count

Exactly how many

Raindrops fell


As these tears betrayed

The lies beneath the words I said

When I bowed my head

And as steady as this heart permits

As these lungs can be

I granted your wish

“freedom is yours

I couldn’t care less”

It didn’t hurt that you left

It hurt that you STILL left

Without so much as hesitation

When these betraying tears

laid my soul bear

I’m forever skinned numb

Forever freshly butchered

With the simplest act of indifference