The Plague Again…

Today i woke up after a night of real ACTUAL sleep.

I have been bed ridden (strange expression) for five days, only getting out of bed to go to the bathroom or in two cases to buy juice (keeping my distance and gloves on to minimize the risk of spreading germs).

After a few days i even got some fish soup down before returning to my sweat soaked bed.

Coughing so  fall to my knees doesent in any way deter the village idiots (who probably put me here in the first place) from bugging me.

One of them comes here every time he gets pissed on whatever sherry smelling cheap crap he´s drinking (i live in a society with a collected IQ of 18).

I should say that this is not actually the guy though there are liknesses to most of the population here....of both sexes.

What people dont seem to get is that since i, by no volition of my own, am a loner i have no resistance.

That is, what is just a minor cold for others, or them not washing their hands after doing their business will knock me out.

Since i have no friends (as in physical biological entities who have met me and who gives a f*ck ) and only meet a small group of other people ever i never get exposed to normal dozes of viruses and bacteria (thats friendship for ya, they wont even treat me to their bacteria).

My last, non family, non business , personal phonecall was about four years ago (with one exeption who has remained a friend for decades now, despite both of us having lived in other countries). The same goes for E-mails or any other kinds of contacts.

The whole (now strangely kathtarctic ) mess started with some irritating coughing as i weant to bed. I though i might be sensetive to the materal in the pillow or somethng, nothing to bad.

It weant on to fevers followed by chills in episodes, coughing myself uncontrollably into fetal position and making a gurgling bubbly sound when i inhaled.

At one point i dragged myself up to flush cold water over my head (my mom, one of the few who phone me,  thought it would have been interesting to see what would have happened if i overheated).

Now i´m eating again . Only soups so far but i´m starting to feel hungry “for real” again so it´s fine.

I have aired the house out (as the cold leaves, the sense of smell reappears. Insult to injury?) and today i let the spring sun in.

The light makes me feel a bit wierd (the changing seasons, which are very clear in Sweden, always has a wierdish effect on me initially but here it is probably the fact that i havent really seen daylight in days).

It s funny too how one thinks as one lays there.

For a while my thoughts wandered away into some speculation regarding my last, very intense ritual and any potential connection between it and my sickness.

Getting sick from theurgic work (or simlar practices) is not necessarily a sign of failure.

Some “shamanic” (in lack of a better term) cultures and traditions even induce naucea, illness and hallucinations as part of their work (DONT experment with this. They have countless generations of experience) and alchemical transmutations presupposes a breaking down of the material, a death and resurection if you will.

It is not like i will repeat the ritual to find out (this ritual was not the repeating kind. There are rituals spanning from routine to….not so  routine). Ordeals are part of being a theurge (strangely, even my mom commented on this. She is not a mystic or even the least bit spiritual. She does however have a lot of connections to western Africa which might leave her a bit open to different ways of seeing things).

Regardless, it has been one hell of a one week ride and now i´m enjoying my second day of beng able to drinkl coffee.

I´m fatigued, cough and feel a bit wierd (though not entrely unpleasantly so) but start to bounce back.

I should have developed antibodies to this flu (?) now so…one down.

Ironic that my life is so boring that being sick feels like an interesting variation actually worth writing about.

Even more ironic that i feel so peaceful and harmonic now???

Maybe i just needed to experence something, as oppose to mindnumbing nothingness?

Maybe there is something to sweatlodge?   😉

Are We Being Sloppy With Our Banishings?

I´m not simply asking if we are cleaning after us.

I mean banishings as actual rituals and part of the work.

In “Liber 0” Crowley writes: “6. There are three important practices connected with all forms of ceremonial (and the two Methods which later we shall describe). These are: {16}
(1) Assumption of God-forms.
(2) Vibration of Divine Names.
(3) Rituals of “Banishing” and “Invoking”.

Somehow i think it is easy to regard the banishing part as merely a preparatory stage before an invoking ritual or a “cleaning” ritual for general use.

I actuality  would argue that any ritual or action you can do for invikatory reasons can also be done for banishing (distinction being made by “sign of silence”verbaly and by intent.

In short, are we really doing banishing rituals as full rituals with signs, God forms, conjurations and curses, full of visualizations and holy words?



In “Magick In Theory And Practice” Crowley writes: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and had better come first. Purity means singleness. God is one. The wand is not a wand if it has something sticking to it which is not an essential part of itself. If you wish to invoke Venus, you do not succeed if there are traces of Saturn mixed up with it.

That is a mere logical commonplace: in magick one must go much farther than this. One finds one’s analogy in electricity. If insulation is imperfect, the whole current goes back to earth. It is useless to plead that in all those miles of wire there is only one-hundredth of an inch unprotected. It is no good building a ship if the water can enter, through however small a hole.

That first task of the Magician in every ceremony is therefore to render his Circle absolutely impregnable.


See, however, the Essay on Truth in “Konx om Pax”. The Circle (in one aspect) asserts Duality, and emphasizes Division.

If one littlest thought intrude upon the mind of the Mystic, his concentration is absolutely destroyed; and his consciousness remains on exactly the same level as the Stockbroker’s. Even the smallest baby is incompatible with the virginity of its mother. If you leave even a single spirit within the circle, the effect of the conjuration will be entirely absorbed by it.”

In this case it is clearly meant a banishing before some other ritual but isnt the same true in general?

He continues: “The cleansed and consecrated Magician takes his cleansed and consecrated instruments into that cleansed and consecrated place, and there proceeds to repeat that double ceremony in the ceremony itself, which has these same two main parts. The first part of every ceremony is the banishing; the second, the invoking. The same formula is repeated even in the ceremony of banishing itself, for in the banishing ritual of the pentagram we not only command the demons to depart, but invoke the Archangels and their hosts to act as guardians of the Circle during our pre-occupation with the ceremony proper. In more elaborate ceremonies it is usual to banish everything by name. Each element, each planet, and each sign, perhaps even the Sephiroth themselves; all are removed, including the very one which we wished to invoke, for that forces as existing in Nature is always impure. But this process, being long and wearisome, is not altogether advisable in actual working. It is usually sufficient to perform a general banishing, and to rely upon the aid of the guardians invoked. Let the banishing therefore be short, but in no wise slurred — for it is useful as it tends to produce the proper attitude of mind for the invocations. “The Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram” (as now rewritten, Liber 333, Cap. XXV) is the best to use.”


Now, if we do rituals of invokation because some things, be they what they are, are desireble, there must also be thing that are not desireble to our path, whatever it might be.

Not only undesireble for the ritual at hand but undesireble in general.

Ritual includes calling and calling away.



Why should the magician not clear his path and send away any energies, principles, concepts or influences he needs by as extencive and elaborate rituals as possible, strengthening his aura, the border of his universe as well as himself in its center?

Magick In Theory And Practice: “In most extant magical rituals the two operations are performed at once; or (at least) the banishing has the more important place, and greater pains seem to be taken with it; but as the student advances to Adeptship the banishing will diminish in importance, for it will no longer be so necessary. The Circle of the Magician will have been perfected by his habit of Magical work. In the truest sense of that word, he will never step outside the Circle during his whole life. But the consecration, being the application of a positive force, can always be raised to a closer approximation to perfection. Complete success in banishing is soon attained; but there can be no completeness in the advance to holiness.”

John William Waterhouse: The Magic Circle - 1886


Should we not strengthen our auras as much as possible rendering them impenerable?

Should we not do our utmost to get rid of crap and when the time comes for invokation, all the more easy it will be?



Isnt the sign of a magician not just what he conjures up, but also what he casts away?

It should be said though that invokative rituals will still be needed (obviously).

The first line of chapter 14 in “Magick In Theory And Practice” reads: “Consecration is the active dedication of a thing to a single purpose. Banishing prevents its use for any other purpose, but it remains inert until consecrated. ”

My own experience being that all that is called in , even to banish, is energizing.

All banishings are a kind of invokation.

Energy is energy but what is invoked in order to banish (so to say) only, or mainly throws things out (according to the nature of the ritual) and blocks the same.

It still gives effects that has to be considered though. A very aggressive ritual using Geburah, fire and brimstone and curses would give effects of an aggressive nature whether it be an invokative or a banishing ritual.

I just threw a light bulb to the floor and my body is very adamant in throwing crap out (including literally).

I once thought of the Kabbalistic Cross and the L.V.X. signs (among other things) in rituals such as the LBRP and LBRH as more or less “doing anything (=strictly invokative) but is that true?

If the intent is on banishing and blocking, isnt that what they mainly do?

Arent they doing in the interior what the pentagrams or hexagrams are doing on the border and the Arhangels in the exterior?

A double edged sword of weeding before planting.

That is, i belive, the path of the magician.

Now, this is what a Magician/Wizard should look like.Plus, Theurgy.

When I was a child, and dreamed of being a wizard, this is how I thought I would look. Dude looks awesome….and I don’t care what you say, how you feel and look while practicing your magic is important. I know a lot of you non-GD magicians (and some of you lazier GD mages…=)  ) do your work in whatever you happen to be wearing, and that’s fine if it works for you.  I personally think the vestments serve an important purpose; they help to create the proper frame of mind for magical work. When I don my robe and sash, I’m not just my mundane self, I’m myself as Magician–the Magician bit is highlighted and brought to the front.

Full article by


The Orthodox Schema-Monks are doing it right, ya'll.

Nice article!
Something i often overlook myself nowadays.
I usually wore my Ordo Arcanae grade robe or even did the ceremony naked (depending on its nature) but now i have gotten lazy.

I have heard arguments against robes, implements, titles and so on for some time and to be perfectly honest almost got to a point where lazyness became a virtue (“look mom, no hands”).

One could see a non implement approach as a sign of skill but still, after all is said and done, “like attracts like”.

The same “free” pagans (in my case ) that would call robes and titles silly and superflous would gladly make themselves a talisman.

Robes, as oppose to God forms, are physical, material. Thus if “like attracts like” any operation with an desired outcome of a material nature should be strengthened by wearing, weilding and navigating among material symbols.

Thus reaching the conclusion that Thaumaturgists should really benefit from it (the Goetic circle and triangle are always physical for example).

Next ritual i will don my robe while playing “Putting on the ritz” at full volume. 😉


Frater R.i.G.

Pearl And Emerald (A Pentagram Ritual)

A little Pentagram Ritual i wrote to keep in tune with (and contemplate) certain energies.

Start off as in Crowleys “Star Ruby”:

Facing East, in the centre, draw your breath deep deep deep , closing your mouth with your right forefinger presssed against your lower lip.  Then, dashing down the hand with a great sweep back and out, exhaling hard, cry: ΑΠΟ  ΠΑΝΤΟΣ  ΚΑΚΟΔΑΙΜΟΝΟΣ (Apo Pantos Kakodaimones)

Cabalistic Cross- With the same forefinger touch your forehead and say ΣΟΙ (Soi) You genitals, and say Ω  ΦΑΛΛΕ (O Phalle) your right shoulder, and say ΙΣΧΥΡΟΣ (Ischuros) your left shoulder, and say ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΟΣ(Evcharistos) then clasp your hands, locking the fingers, and cry ΙΑΩ (IAO)

Form your thumbs and fingers into a triangle, apex up and in them visualize a Pentagram made of Emerald in it (the triangle held in front of forehead ).

In the sign of Horus/The Enterer fling it forwards with the word “Osiris” Vibrated (The Pentagram should grow in sixe enough to block your way).

Turn to the south. Repat but vibrate “Aethel Hemera”.

Turn to the west. Repeat but vibrate “Khronos”.

Turn to the north. Repeat but vibrate “Phenomenon”.

Your right hand should remain extended as you trace the circumference of your circle from quarter to quarter and after every vibration your left forefinger should do the “Sign of Hoor Paar Kraat/Silence. The circumference should be made of pearl.

Returning to the east recite: “And they shall come and see my glory”

Turn to the south and recite: “Born of fire”

Turn to the west and recite: “Let him take the water of life freely”

Turn to the north and recite: These have power to shut heaven”

Again at the east recite: “And the eyes of them both where opened”

Standing as a cross (arms extended. Sign of Osiris Slain) Say “Before me SunBehind me torch. On my right hand Sunlight. On my left hand Candle (and visualize these) Around me stand the Emerald Star and above and below the Star of Six (Visualize Hexagrams)”.

Repeat Cabalistic Cross.

Repeat Sign of Silence with “Apo Pantos Kakodaimones”.


I based the thing on gematria.

In the GD system the term/title “Magus” belongs both to Chokmah and the path/letter of “Beth” (Mercury).

Magus by Gematria (written in English) equals 328.

The names/phrases used as well as the title all enumerate to (and thus correspond to) 328.

3*Binah (Understanding) 300*Shin-Fire

2*Chokmah (Wisdom- The title “Magus”) 20*Kaph-Wheel Of Fortune

8*Hod (Splendour-Mercurial like the Magus of the Tarot + Tarot Trump Strength/Lust-Leo)

So do:

God The Lord



Blessed Is He


The Land Of Nod

Golden Altar

Right Hand Man

Time To Heal

Catholic Shame

(Then again, so does “Katie Holmes” and “Fish And Chips” so let´s stay level headed….or not).

True is that there are two names vibrated in the south and that the word “Phenomenon” is not (usually considered) a Divine name.

I do however belive that the Gematric correspondances will even things out and that (as Earth and Malkuth) the northern station will work as the receptacle of the energies of the other three.

Otherwise, why not experiment with the names until you find one equilibrated enough?

Sign of Silence

(Below)Sign of The Enterer


I have writen in another place about keeping your inner feelings, plans, dreams and thoughts secret, lest people poop on them.

In short, what is most valuable to you, especially your dreams, should not be profaned by (however well meaning) naysayers and others.

One reason for why Magickal ceremonies and rituals are usually kept rather secret.

Their power would be diminished by telling “the world” about them.

Symbolized by the fact that spirituality, including Magick, Mysticism,Yoga and pure Religion (of a more than intellectual kind) belongs over the abyss on the Etz Chaii (Tree of Life).

That is Yechida, Chia and Neschamah (Kether,Chokmah and Bina).

In other word, hidden from the cosmos, or in this case the rational mind (Ruach).

I have begun to think about energy waste and distraction in my own life.

The more boring my life is, the more it gets posted on Facebook and similar places.

If my life was more interesting i might not WANT to reveal everything and even if i did, i would be too occupied experiencing it.

Maybe our posting of every fart on social medias rob us of power, a leakeage of sorts by throwing our whole inner self out there, unprotected and bare for anyone to scrutinize, judge or even insult for the heck of it.

It seems a whole lot of time is spent either attacking or defending ideologies, sexualities, spiritualities and so on.

In Freemasonry, they have a guy called the “Tyler” outside the door of the Temple, guarding it from intrusion.

If you see your life, your mind, your plans as a Lodge….do you have a Tyler? Does everything in there have the correct passwords and tokens?

That is, has thoughts, emotions, habits that are really unfamiliar to your spirituality, your sexual orientation, your ideology……simply YOU as an individual, snuck in?

I´m not talking about seeing others point of views, i´m talking about the bombardements of culture, telling you what is “right and wrong” (are you a Buddhist with largely Christian ethics because you where brought up/live in a Christian culture for instance?), telling you that you are “fat” despite the fact that you are skinnyer than Marilyn Monroe simply because our ideals have gone haywire?

Are we putting ourselves up as targets and then whine when we are judged by cretins?

It is one thing to bravely stand up for something, another to paste yourself everywhere out of shear Narcissism.

Another thing, now a big part of my (Spiritual) work is the backwards look.

I have been living in yesterday, in memories for too long.

That includes trying to become what i was again.

Isnt the whole work one of transformation?

Shouldnt we reinvent ourselves?

Symbolically one could see it as pure energy (and that is what it is, even nif not in form of a ray or anything similar).

Concentrated in one place it is stronger than if leaking in every direction.

Balanced it affects more than unbalanced.

Aiming it in the wrong direction, or several directions diminishes it.

Experinces and lessons learned are one thing, living a rerun of yourself another.

Aim for the next you.

It should be said that inspiration fuels the Temple so utter silence and an introvert attitude is not what i´m talking about (energy must be in motion).

Simply a moderation and caution with spillage.

Pearls before swine being the perfect metaphor.