Masonic Initiation Rituals and Mormon Temple Ceremonies

I have been trying to explain this for decades (me also being an initiate of several lodges and other initiatory bodies + having recieved the LDS endowment once upon a time).

The few liknesses between (especially) The Royal Arch and the Nauvoo Endowment (LDS Temple Ritual) are smaller than many think and the history where Masonry and Mormonism meets often obscured.

Ps: No obligations are broken in the video to Freemasonry or Endowment and it is not meant as proselytatization. Purely academic comparison).

Mozart Freemasonic Music

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Freimaurer Kantata

1. Chor
Dir, Seele des Weltalls, O Sonne, sei heut
Das erste der festlichen Lieder geweiht!
O Mächtige! Ohne dich lebten wir nicht,
von dir nur kommt Fruchtbarkeit, Wärme
und Licht!

2. 13. Arie
Dir danken wir die Freude,
daß wir im Frühlingskleide,
die Erde wieder sehn;
daß laue Zephiretten
aus süßen Blumenketten
und Duft entgegenwehn,
daß alle Schätze spendet
und jeden Reiz verschwendet
die gütige Natur,
daß jede Lust erwachet
und alles hüpft und lachet
auf segenvoller Flur.

3. Chor
Dir, Seele des Weltalls, O Sonne,
ist heut in Ehrfurcht die festliche Hymne
O Gütige, ohne dich liebten wir nicht,
von dir kommt Zuversicht, Liebe und Licht.
O Sonne, Gütige, o Seele des Weltalls,
dir ist heut in Ehrfurcht die festliche Hymne
dir seis heut bezeugt:
von dir nur kommt Fruchtbarkeit, Wärme,
Dir, Seele des Weltalls
Von dir kommt Zuversicht, von dir nur
kommt Fruchtbarkeit,
nur kommt Heiterkeit, Liebe und Licht.

Gessenenreise KV 468 (for the second degree. “Gesselle” = Journeyman / Fellow Craft)

Masonic Funeral Music for Orchestra in C minor, K. 479a477.

For the last seven years of his life Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a Mason. The Masonic order played an important role in his life and work.

Mozart was admitted as an apprentice to the Viennese Masonic lodge called “Zur Wohltätigkeit” (“Beneficence”) on 14 December 1784. He was promoted to journeyman Mason on 7 January 1785, and became a master Mason “shortly thereafter”.Mozart also attended the meetings of another lodge, called “Zur wahren Eintracht” (“True Concord”). According to Otto Erich Deutsch, this lodge was “the largest and most aristocratic in Vienna. … Mozart, as the best of the musical ‘Brothers,’ was welcome in all the lodges.” It was headed by the naturalist Ignaz von Born.

At least as far as surviving Masonic documents can tell us, Mozart was well regarded by his fellow Masons. Many of his friends were Masons.

During his visit to Vienna in 1785, Mozart’s father Leopold also became a Mason.

Swedish Rite Freemasonry

The Swedish Rite is a variation of Freemasonry that is worked in SwedenNorwayDenmarkFinland and Iceland. A slight variation is common in parts of Germany under the Große Landesloge der Freimaurer von Deutschland. Also other craft masonic bodies are working in the nordic countries (see further under freemasonry in Sweden and freemasonry in Denmark). However only one Grand Lodge in each country is working the Swedish Rite, each of which governs its own jurisdiction.

The Rite is divided into three divisions: St. John’s (Craft) degrees (I–III), St. Andrew’s (Scottish) degrees (IV–VI) and the Chapter degrees (VII–X). In addition one may attain the XIth degree, although only a very few gain this. Progression from one degree to the next is not automatic. A brother not only has to be in regular attendance, but also has to show that he has a certain proficiency and knowledge of Freemasonry. The Swedish Rite demands members be Christian and not just that they believe in a supreme being. Like other regular Masonic organisations, only men are allowed membership.

Since 7 November 2006 all laws of the Swedish Order of Freemasons are publicly available on the Internet.Among others, the laws prohibit any member to gain advantages outside the lodge by using the lodge as an instrument. The laws also stress the charity works of the members and the observance of the Golden Rule.

Charles XII of Sweden


  • St. John’s degrees
    • I Apprentice
    • II Fellow Craft
    • III Master Mason
  • St. Andrew’s degrees
    • IV/V Apprentice and Companion of St. Andrew (one degree)
    • VI Master of St. Andrew
  • Chapter degrees
    • VII Very Illustrious Brother, Knight of the East
    • VIII Most Illustrious Brother, Knight of the West
    • IX Enlightened Brother of St. John’s Lodge
    • X Very Enlightened Brother of St. Andrew’s Lodge
  • Grand Council honorary degree
    • XI Most Enlightened Brother, Knight Commander of the Red Cross

Grand Lodges using the rite

The Swedish Rite is used by:

An earlier version of the rite, the Zinnendorf Rite, is used by:

  • Große Landesloge der Freimaurer von Deutschland