Copyright Nuttery

Nowadays the internet is the only place where you CAN NOT find anything for free.

Any skills in marketing is totally lost at the new generation of record company tycoons with a business degree from “World of Warcraft University”.

Robyn – Swedish + Me – Swedish = me not being able to watch her at YouTube (internet / Copyright logic). See ya at McDonals instead Robyn.

I wanted to watch a Swedish artist, performing live in Sweden before a Swedish audience who just drank some Swedish beer and had a Swedish hot dog, only to find out that i cant do that in Sweden???? I live in the wrong country.

In short, if i go to the right places i could dance with Robyn,  and buy her a drink, but if she performed in the same city a week later and that got posted on youTube i couldnt watch it without emigrating.

In the 80´s we taped ALL our favorite music from the radio and exchanged tapes with eachother. Yet albums sold like crazy. Hmmmmm???

I would always PAY to see / hear Robyn (or any other artist i appriciate).

Artists deserve to get payed for their work.

However, somewhere the whole artist / audience interaction has gotten lost and the little tycoons havent understood what people selling turnips in the middle ages knew: ADVERTICEMENT IS GOOD!

Everytime i post a video, or a picture on here or anywhere else i AM using somebody´s intellectual (hm???) property.

It IS free entertainement / information. But it is also something else, equally free, ADVERTISEMENT.

Video tapes and casette tapes didnt threaten the movie or record industries.

If the internet does so, YOU TYCOONS are doing something wrong.

If a nerd with zits, dowloading his favorite something,something, can prevent you from selling a product, YOU suck at your job.

Moonshine is never going to bankrupt the  Lagavullin Whisky destilleries.

People are always going to associate Jack Daniel´s and Harley Davidson with Rock N, Roll.

Is it a “rockier” beveridge or motorcycle? no!

Why? Marketing!

Artists DOES deserve to get payed and so does record companies or movie studios.

So if people download things for free, USE IT!

Do some economic judo and stop whining!

There are two ways of making someone lose interest, giving them what they want and not giving them what they want.

Making your product inaccesable is NOT going to do the trick.

Neither is relinquishing your copyright.

Letting US sell YOUR product FOR you might if you play it smart.