I guess it´s a bit like with love.

One can think one misses a person but what one feels for is really the IDEA of love.

Maybe this applies equally well to friendship, a friend, a group of friends or a sphere in wich one was active.

Sentimentality, nothing more.

Recent events has made me aware that i really DONT miss Gothenburg, the LARP or it´s ….inhabitants.

I have long since understood that LARPing together, even for years doesent make one friends.

My life is ahead, not behind and honestly, i can afford to travel.

Goth clubs, LARPs or shops are not unique to Gothenburg, besides, if i move to Jönköping a train or bus only takes two hours to access the crap should i want to.

Everybody doesent have to like me. I sure dont like everybody.

Everybody dont have to respect me either. I definetly dont respect everyone.

Everyone has to SHOW me respect however.

And i will do the same.

You never know what is a shrine.

Before meddling with the house of another, take care! You never know what is a shrine. What is for you a coffe table might be an altar, your careless strutt over the floor crossing sacred ground.

*Reaction to “Wife Swap” on TV*

[Yes! This is meant both literally and metaphorically].

People on facebook are calling Norwiegian Freemasons Nazis!!!

Heeeeere we go! Now people on facebook are calling Norwiegian Freemasons Nazis!!!

I wonder how many of the victims that had Mason parents?

I wonder how the world would look if people shut their fucking mouth until they got an education?

Norway was occupied by Germany.
Kids have been killed!
Your stupid opinions and need to be seen arent worth much around here right now!


Published by the twit Leo Lyon Zagami


This is the text he posted with it: “For a 100% nazi haircut like Andres Bering Brevik go to COMBI Frisør Salong Official Barbershop of Den Norske Frimurerorden in Oslo”


Zagami  is one of these Facebook pretend guys. A self styled “prophet” of “Italian aristocracy” (papers please). These are some of his claims:” Leo Lyon Zagami is a controversial and enigmatic figure to enter into public view in some time. Leo being of Italian aristocratic blood entered into many secret societies such as the Illuminati and the legendary NWO(New World Order).”

So, exept for being bad at spelling he also belongs to two societies that doesent exist.

I ,on the other hand, am initiated into eight that DOES exist.

The Bavarian Illuminati (the real thing, not the silly conspiracy childishness)




When i search for polytheism on Tumblr i get a whole lot of not so educated Abrahamic “monotheistic” bullshit, rewriting history and explaining what is wrong with it.

Too bad.

1. To refer to polythistic religions as primitive is not only bigotry but outright stupid.

These are customs and cultures that in many cases where around in one form or another for thousands of years before two guys invented Christianity in Rome (and no, neither was named Jesus and only one of them even met him).

2.Abrahamic “monotheists” (i only consider certain forms of Islam as truly monotheistic. Christianity is a text book case of soft polytheism….just like most forms of Hinduism) like to spell God with a capital “G” when its a monotheistic God, and with a “g” when its a polytheistic God. That says a lot.

3.Romantic shrines to pagan Gods, supposedly Germanic, built in Victorian times or during the nazi romanticism are NOT part of any culture, Germanic or otherwise.

Well. Now there is a post by a polytheist, about polytheism tagged “Polytheism”