Since when does people lose the right to comment on something by not being born in the place where it happens? That is like saying “If you´re not German you have no right to comment on Nazism”. International journalism and war reports must be “wrong”, oppressive silence “right”???

Heard of free speech?

Typical for a coward:

Wear a mask
Demand to be heard
Try to silece everybody else

If you dont like what i say anarchy boy, you better find a grown man who can silence me!

Congratulations, Troubled Youth of Britain!

Your plan to have your voice heard is going splendidly. Obviously after burning down people’s homes, places of work and cars, after looting shops and burgling people’s homes, rioting outside hospitals and other places that offer refuge and shelter for vulnerable people, after all this, the rest of the United Kingdom will eagerly respect and value your opinion and gladly treat you like responsible human beings.